Clarity (Zedd) - Annie Bercy Acoustic Cover

Finally a song on my soundcloud!
Headphones are advised for the full effect
Listen to the audio; Here or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ3-abJwJoM
Download It: https://soundcloud.com/le-minor/clarity-zedd-acoustic-cover-by
Video coming soon
I decided to cover "Clarity" by Zedd.
I heard the original version to this and I didn't really like it cause of its unnecessary pop radio edit. But after coming across the lyrics, I realized this song has a lot more meaning then people see it as.
Also, I made "Hard Knocks" my starting out album name referring to the movie "Annie". She had a "hard knock life" and she ended up living a happy one with a new family that loved her. I call this "Hard Knocks" because I'm starting from nothing in hope that this goes somewhere.
Seriously, comment here on youtube, or on soundcloud and tell me what you think?

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