In Good Spirit

SERIOUSLY . Tune in to 106.7 for all the Christmas hits. Its been on blast in my room and in the car for the past couple of days now. I am so in the Christmas spirit this year its ridiculous. I actually want to make a blog dedicated just for Christmas. Which is ironic because my family doesn't celebrate it. No tree for this MINOR. I swear, my kids are going to have the biggest Christmas' ever. For now though, the wishlists begin!

I haven't posted in a week or more so I planned for this long outfit post with like 5 different outfits but by the second outfit I got so lazy and tired. I frigged the whole thing. Haha, I really need to do something with myself. Rather than bombarding with pictures though, I'll bombard you with my words and tell you whats up.

Today;s weather gives me a significant boost of a reason why I want to leave New York for College - towards somewhere hella warmer (California/Florida) This morning my mom and I went to the flea market as we usually do on Sundays. 2 minutes after walking out from the car, I turn to go back for something and unfortunately she left the keys inside. So mind you, its 7:30 in the morning, 26 degrees. And I'm trapped only wearing sneakers, thin sweats and my boyfriends sweater. Crap. So about 20 minutes were standing outside freezing our butts off, watching 2 different people try to open the car for us with no luck. My legs, lips, toes, fingers have gone completely numb, while my chest was burning hot. (Bad sign) It really hurt to breath. (What a day to leave the asthma pump inside the car) It was scary as hell. We tried to wait for my dad outside but at a point it was so freezing that we couldn't any longer. Boy, that cold wind blew that morning.
The story goes on but eventually someone got the car open in about 30 seconds. We shuffled inside. Lawd, my body took 30 minutes to completely defrost and my cheat took about an hour to go back to a steady heart beat and a regular temperature.


That Cardozo Night Live show I was stressing about before was postponed to next week, thank Goodness. I'm basically taking control so my class can get everything done on time. It will be a lot of work and money spent on my side but its alright. Plus with people in the class on my side such as Kristen, Chris Shaw, Imani and Amanda who truly enforce things, I know we can make something of this show. Time to put on the grownup shoes and go out for something you want to happen.

Btw the jeans are from American Apparel. Originally dark wash high waist jean but I bleached one side completely to add my touch to it. You can do it all by yoself. Shoes are from Zara

Wait I will have to save this for a late night post. I have homework and CNL shit to finish tonight plus my dad is blasting Haitian radio again and its driving me crazy.

My next post will be towards my frequently asked questions.

Have a good Sunday!




My lovely friend, Layah - I love her so much. 

Me catching up on sleep during my Physics Lab - AMAZING NAP 

Mornings with the babe, Abe. ^ 

Yesterdays outfit, inspired by Yejin Chong, my hood ass asian 



Zara Sweatpants 
Thrifted Black Knit - (Coiled to side by scrunchie)
Nike Uptowns 

This weather is so bipolar in New York. Last week I was complaining about the 70 degree weather calling it a heat wave I was bathing in. And now it’s turned into a gust of ICE and no sun.  Still, I can't complain  it gives me lighter clearer skin and different ways to dress in outerwear or summer wear. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet completely and was shocked to how bare it was. My closet now holds simply jackets, flannels, jerseys, high waist jeans, sweats/trousers, and crop tees. It's pretty sad but I'm continually getting things in the mail so it balances out. #lazyshopper.
But back towards my complaining, it has been horribly hot in my school. Which is a good thing in which I shouldn't take for granted since the weather is ridiculous. But off and on I was seriously burning up with heat flashes as if I was going through menopause.  Hah, My day was interesting, since I stayed after school to work with my play production class for CNL (Cardozo Night Live- heck of a funny show) I cant wait for the show but it's so stressful! I will post videos next week Saturday of the show because I expect it to be recorded. Just the process of memorizing lines and making ideas come to real life is stressful and time consuming but it's amazing to see everything come together.
But it’s okay I am alive, and everything is getting done. Therefore I can live fine and calm. I just can’t wait till’ Friday comes so I can knock this school show off my list and walk the stage with my last bow with relief.
Its worth it.
So here I am, supposedly doing homework while down here blogging instead. But I should probably get to it.


Staying Cozy.

Black Drop Crotch Sweats - Ebay 
DIY Cotton Denim Shirt (idk what to call it lol)
Leopard Hi Vans 

Honestly I like looking at such a drastic change the weather has made itself. Where girls go from shorts to jeans and uggs while the guys pull up their pants and wear layers. I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT cause I would wear so many layers before simply wearing a coat.

The TLC movie was dropped 2 weeks ago or so. I left it to record and didn't come around to watching it because facebook and instagram was just blowing it to a point. I decided to take time out of my free day on Monday and watch it. BOY. I was inspired like crazy. Especially from Left Eye. Ugh. I love how people are simply so eccentric and comfortable in their skin that they feel free to dress how they want and start trends and what not. I guess I am inspired by comfort in a person's personal style. I'm being a hypocrite by saying this but, SAGGIN IS THE WAY TO GO. ESPECIALLY FOR THE LADIES. I have never felt so comfortable.


I know you guys have noticed a difference in the things I wear and my style slowly changing. Honestly I love every bit of it. I haven't gone shopping in so long cause lately I haven't been dressing up towards wear I plan to go. My current style is now focused on being completely cozy and comfy. Another reason is being stopped by guys in the city or at school asking where I got my pants from. Which is amazing cause I love men's fashion and male models. Not just because of their looks, but they stand there and get paid for high fashion they couldn't care less about. AWESOME LIFESTYLE. Still if the males that usually don't give a shit about fashion, actually take the time out and wonder is a really nice accomplishment for me.

I hope you had a nice Tuesday!



Sorry for not posting in a while. I keep reminding myself every here and there but never come around to it. This is merely a post to show off what I am wearing, I just want guys to say what Ive been up to. 
More fashion posts coming up though, 

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