Camouflage n' Omitted Sun.

One of my favorite pieces I read in a poetry book once, 

"You're looking at yourself in the mirror and you don't realize what you look like because you're just a baby so you smile and wave at the baby smiling and waving back at you. You glance away for a second, look back but then you are already eight, staring at your ripped jeans and scraped knees but it's worth it because you because you proved to the boys you're not a sissy after you threw out your bubble gum lipgloss, pink bows, and told them you hated pink. And then you're fourteen and you're in the mirror putting on eyeliner because suddenly you are into makeup and the boys like those girls now, and you're saying, you're shouting "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING MOM!" But she really did because now you're looking in the mirror on your wedding day but you're only half smiling because you wonder if you might not have had to go through with this if it wasn't for the kicking in your stomach. Before you know it, you're looking in the mirror again but you're wrinkled and tired-looking and the world is no longer at your feet yet you have nothing to show for yourself besies a daughter and next time you look you're looking in the mirror and you don't even know what you look like, you can't even recognize yourself so you look away.Yet you still know you can't avoid mirrors in a society as vain as ours."

Happy Saturday Readers! 

This week I also realized a couple things about myself. I finally discovered my actual style/the look that I am best with and want to accomplish. At the end of summer, I will achieve this, and much better posts that I am confident about will be shown just to inspire each of you. The best part about improving myself and my style, is the fact that I am not doing it for anyone. I am doing it for myself. I plan to be more dependent on myself rather than my surroundings. My advice is, always work on yourself. Always make yourself a better you, just for you.

While on the train, going to various interviews throughout the week, I looked at the people around me and the group they were classified as. In my surroundings, I am classified as a hipster. I embraced the name at first but then I realized, say if every one were going after this title, "Hipster", and started dressing differently just to aspire to be this name, we would all look the same. Just as I say its good to be different and not blend in, but if everyone was different, different would be common. 

So I am not a hipster. I don't want to be labeled as something and live up to the name people have called me. I am Annie, and I am a Minor. The One and Only. 


Her dress was white and it Whispered.

Today was the one of the most eventful Saturdays I have had in a while! First order of business, Happy Birthday to my friend Serena. <3 I spent the night practically bartending, sipping on pina coladas, and taking in the incense of barbecue smoke. Lord, it was pure intoxication.


Last Night's Hoorah

My sisters, John, Sheena, and I stopped by the yearly carnival in Roy Wilkins Park last night.
I had a very great time! Those rides are surely underestimated! All of the fast moving, jaw dropping, twisting, adrenaline rush-made rides made the night horribly fun.

This morning, I woke up with a mood to write. 

If I could, I would capture your laughter in a photo
Your whole laugh
The way you squint your eyes and you cover your mouth
Almost like you find it inappropriate to feel immeasurable happiness for a few
I would hold your happiness in my hands, and maybe I would feel it too. 
If I could, I would have kept in a picture my head on your shoulder,
Our feet in the sand and out smiling faces by the summer sun.
I would capture perfect moments,
That I didn't know were perfect in time.
And put them up all around me,
So I could live in them forever. 


Lunch In

I spent my day today with two friends I met this year, John and Shannon. We decided to picnic at Alley Pond Park near my school. Im glad I spent my day with them today, loads of laughter,<3 Haha 

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