Autumn Is Coming!

Fall Photos 2011

Outfit I missed Last week! :) 

The week is over and again is starting! Time flies
I had a decent week over all , I'm very excited for October. It (and November) is my favorite months. This is where the leaves turns colors and drops to the floor... The temperature gets cold, but not too cold. I start feeling nostalgic. I love the vibes, the atmosphere, and how giddy i get at the month. The photography shots are always on point and the world looks so warm and inviting! I cant wait to change the blankets from sheets to fuzzy comforters, help my dad with the yard work, and watch as the  layers of clothing pile on. I always found it interesting how people change from tank tops to sweaters to hoodies to coats. This month , i want to go pumpkin picking and apple picking. I truly love caramel apples, so that is something i defiantly want to make.

My Outfits of This week 
9/24 - 9/28

The change of seasons has defiantly had me lusting after Fall essentials that I'm dying to fill my closet with. I have compiled a list of wants for Fall.

First off! The Shoes! I'm in love. The colors I'm trying to focus on, are neutral colors like Black and different shades of brown (chestnut, taupe)
Necessary Clothing has created and lowered the prices of the shoes that I NEED this fall.
Hopefully, I will be able to get at least 4 of these by next weekend

Have a happy Sunday! :) 


First Act of Leadership.

Today was a good day. My school had a club fair where students could learn and join clubs. It was a fun experience because it was my first year doing it as a Leader. (Leadership is a program that i really wanted to get into)

I didn't feel like everybody else. I felt good. In control. We sold school merchandise like school bracelets/bands, shirts, sweats and so forth. It was a great turn out and a great day over all!

Sadly, one of my favorite teachers got a higher position. Although she was one of the meanest, i really liked her. She made me feel good when i took the regents. As if it were a breeze! When i got her again this year, i was more than ecstatic  I am upset now that she got switched. But, i am happy for her. It is a position that she wanted. She asked for them not to switch our class , but hey, She had to go for it.
I'm gonna miss her.

Oh ! My hair! I found a scarf in my house and made my own turban wrap. I have been looking for how to do this hair style for a while now and I finally found it! The first time I did it, was pretty excessive, Why not start out with a bang? Haha,
See how to here!

Today i had to dress with Dozo Spirit! Our colors are blue and orange. I wore a thrifted blue oxford shirt, and an orange cardigan. I tucked them both into belted black harem pants and topped it off with taupe spiked flats.

Joe Fresh Cardigan
Second Hand Blue Oxford Shirt
Forever 21 Black harem pants
Spiked Flats


When in Bagels

One of the things that inspire me are Bagel Shops. I love them so much. I love being in and around them. The smell, the organization, the style of it. I don't know, i just love it so much.
Yesterday, I came across one blog. I have to put it down somewhere. But i fell in love with it. The woman dresses so wonderfully and exactly the way i do this year. So she is defiantly my inspiration this year. My one problem is , that she hasn't posted in so long! I am now desperate for more ideas this year. My outfit today, came from one of her pictures. I paired my white sheer shirt, with a green DIY pleated skirt (DIY video coming soon!), a thrifted leather braided belt, and brown combat boots.
The skirt was pretty short, so no bending for me today! Haha

 We always end up matching! I love this kid! <3 
His name is Mitchell. He is one of my very close friends in this school. 

Forever 21 Sheer Shirt
Uniform Pleated Skirt
Soho Combat Boots 
White socks 

School has been good so far.

August and September were all a blur. Good stuff, bad stuff (mostly)... so much happened in so little time. A lot was going on in my personal life and I wasnt good with showing that in public so i continued to act happy. I was overwhelmed with fading friendships. I was dragging a "relationship" that was not working anymore. And between Pathfinder, Piano lessons making time for friends, I was accepting too much work and stupidly seeing my overbooked agenda as a badge of honor. Plus, this summer, i had no money to my name! I was overwhelmed and unhappy, until I decided it was time for me to eliminate things that were bringing me down. Pressure, stress, boredom, sadness... I couldn't deal with everything anymore. Sometimes, you have to think about what you really want and stop worrying about what other people want or expect from you. And this is exactly what I did. I rid myself of the guy that brought me down. I reconnected with old friends and met new ones. I got over old friendships. Now i am happy. School is great so far, i made the leadership program in my school and once again i start late. I made a best friend this summer as well. :) And i met someone new. Someone i can picture myself with! Sometimes, closed doors lead to new openings. But that is another story!



Today was a good weather day! Not too hot, not too cold!
I'm expressing the colors of autumn in this ensemble! It's crazy because i opened my dresser, moved things around, and my mustard yellow shirt, and my burgundy harem pants simply laid on top of each other. I picked it up thinking, these go great with each other! I just paired it with my blue spiked flats and BOOM! an outfit! This is a great start for Autumn. I absolutely love this season. On top of that, today on the 24, it was one of my close friend's birthday. Demetria turned 15 today! Congratulations! I'm happy she is now our age. I love her so much.


Mixing Prints

I was on the American Apparel Site today and it got me really inspired ... 
I've been having an obsession with wristwatches, high socks, highwaist errthang, and COLLARS. 
My Goodness, With the right collar, anything can look better.
Instead of simply wearing a pullover or sweater, think about wearing a collar or a collared shirt underneath!
You'll feel warmer and it looks GREAT. 
Mix prints. Shoot, 

 Try color blocking with it ! 


Career Day

Today i attended a career event in the Berean Center .
3  people came to talk about their careers and experiences,
A chef, a social worker and a nurse.
I really enjoyed this , and i liked that people asked questions and we all got a chance to interact with people that gone through a lot.

 The chef had elephantiasis, So he explained that people thought he was a freak and wasn't right to cook for others. But he got through that and followed his dreams. 

Here are some tips that  i jotted down for any of those confused about colleges or their own future

  • "You are YOU. You are not your mom. You aren't your dad or your friends. One day you're gonna realize it. There is a lot of people that hate their jobs. They have no choice. They have bills, kids. Though they make good money, They are not happy. When the time comes, You will have to live with YOU. Though someone might give you a career to take the better road, They aren't traveling that road with you. Be practical and do what makes you happy. "
  • Don't just go to college that specifies in one thing. You can change your mind anytime and then feel as if you wasted your time. Don't major in something specific.
  • Don't just take courses and expect you to get a job. There is a lot of competition out there.
  • Do your internships. References, Hookups and You've got the job.
  • Colleges don't help everyone. There are people that go to college and end up doing things that had nothing to do with what they started with.
  • There is a lot of people that haven't figured it out. You have time.
  • If you have a lot of talents . Your first two years, take internships and classes and courses on all of your interests. And you'll defiantly find a class where you're like "I love this class. I enjoy this class" and THAT'S the career you pursue.

So Good To Be Home ...

My Beautiful friend Rebecca, - Photogenic as usual.  <3 <3
Colorblocking teals with navy blue. I taught her well! :)

My 3 locas. I've been with these girls since before i could remember, I love them each so much. 

Autumn is coming! I loved this outfit asemble. A solid dress paired with a pair of high socks and wedge booties. I absolutely love this dress. I love dresses that twirl and fits in all the right places.
 This dress is most definitely one of those dresses in which twirling is not only necessary but instinctual. My inner fairy princess comes out to play and I really cannot help it.
I got this dress at Forever 21 for only 15 bucks. Great find. 
Advice? Don't go everywhere looking for expensive dresses! Some finds are great! 
Dont get things that have a whole bunch of patterns that are in now. 
Trends change. Solids stay - Throughout generations. 

Shoes -Necessary Clothing 


If you really want to get focused on your homework this year, Do what i do and develop a homework playlist. 
Get off facebook, google plus, instagram - the internet sites in general, and simply relax to songs with no lyrics but just a calm melody to get your eyes diverted to your studies. 

Starting homework? Click Here!

WTF - Short School Week :)

I'm so glad that this week was a short one!
I've been so tired lately, My sleeping pattern is completely on point!
I have been getting so tired around 9. Its crazy.

Nothing like a pair of moccasins on a rainy day...
I love this blurred shot!

I added white high socks and jewelry pieces to this, 
Great outfit over all 
Black Pullover - Forever 21
Leather Shorts - Forever 21
Burgundy Polo Boots 

Nothing like afterschool play, Too short to play basketball with the guys, So i chilled on the hoop :)

 This was a wierd mix, but it looked great together. -Love these pants
Tribal Pocketed Pants - Forever 21
Sheer Shirt- H&M
Burgundy Cardigan

 I actually really love this chain 


Bottled In.

Sometimes there are too many things going on at once that you cant just stop and think to yourself on what specifically is bothering you at the moment. Stress is a burden that we all have to lug around on our backs. With stress, comes misery and everything seems worse. In my case, a lot have been going on. People are walking in and out of my life so suddenly. I have been hurt a lot this years. From so called best friends to people that i thought i felt strongly about. From low blows to cutting me out from  someone's life. I get hurt over and over and i keep on forgiving. Do we just forgive so we can get past the hurt and hope for the future? Will it ever get better? I just think to myself, what do i do to deserve any of this. Why do i care so much for people that don't feel the same away or dont treat me good? Am i too attached? Am i too clingy? Day by day i realize, i need to be more dependent on myself. I need to learn my self worth. 

The bus ride to and back from school 
Every Night. 
Every Morning. 
Long Walks to myself. 
In class. 
I spent it all thinking of you. Thinking on how things used to be. 
Before the drama of separation broke us. 
I kept it bottled in. 
You hurt me bad, You treated me bad. I watched to hurt me in front of my face. 
You low blow me, You didn't care what you said, as long as you got your point across right? 
You made me cry , made me run it over and over in my head. Did i do something wrong here? 
You had a strong control over me, i was helpless. I kept my feelings inside. 
Then i stopped to realize. This wasn't my fault.
I didn't have to deserve this
You still don't care but anyone but yourself. 
And i cared.
Still Care.
But i will let you go until you realize what you did to me 
Mentally. Physically. 
I never said anything . 
I wrote the words i never bothered to speak up.
I grown too attached. I miss the feeling to love someone 
To trust someone. To hold someone.
Labels are overrated. You taught me that. 
Now i know that i cant trust everyone. The people that i have trusted for years have let me down. 
I will forever be my own person now. 
Don't be dependent on anyone. 
You never know when you will be the one crying
As they continue and enjoy their lives. 
People expect me to always be happy all the time. 
I keep playing the part. 
Never saying one word unto how i actually feel about anything. 
We talked. Its over you say. Things aren't how they used to be and they wont ever be. 
My bottle has exploded. 
It cant contain anymore. 
I cry and i cry and i cry. 
I don't understand. 
Fuck it. 
Fuck them.
Worry about yourself. 
I want to be felt. I want it to matter when i'm showing myself. 
Not everyone is worth the tears and the nights spent thinking about them. 


INSPIRED | 1950's

I love the 1950's and the old movies. 
The classics are the best. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, 
The fashion, the music, the romantic puns. 
When the romance was so original so pleasant .. <3 <3 

I just love to kick back in some sweats and a whole bunch of food, just to watch the old classics....

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" -Audrey Hepburn

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