Old Blue Jeans.

I had a fantastic Wednesday today! Back to another night of studying.


Birthday of a Minor

I had the most amazing birthday this year. Over the course of this year, I thought of my sixteenth birthday and decided that I wasn't going to have a grand one. I felt that it was horribly cliche and over rated. I came home to an amazing surprise party at my house with over 40 people. I truly was shocked. I felt as if I was about to have a stroke or seizure due to my shaking of happiness.  My hands are still shaking with excitement even as I type this. Im so glad to have friends and family who truly care for me. Special shout out to my best friend Sheena, who made it all happen along with Marsha, my sister. Im in nostalgia right now. :) 
Now onto homework. 


Pathfinder Camporee 2013

I had an amazing weekend at Camp Berkshire 2013 - Well, Pathfinder Camporee. Despite of the cold weather, off and on rain, and arguments, overall I had a great time. I met some cool people, hung out with those I never thought I would, and was pretty much set for life on true wilderness camping. After a jam packed weekend, I'm finally home. 
Now off to the real world, with school work and metro cards. 
I hope you are having an excellent Memorial Day! 

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