A snippit of my outfit today.
(Black velvet Leggings, Plain black shirt, fur vest, camo jacket, TIMS).
Today was pretty productive, I didn't get to see my babe as much but all and all I had a good time with my friends. After school I had a Talent Show rehearsal.  It was pretty cool seeing all of the acts. I also got my grades back. Not the best in town, I must say. But I understand and accept what I did wrong in classes. I will do much better.  

City Chick.

Today was also a good day, my cheerleading team all sat down and discussed issues in the team, which actually made me feel much more comfortable with the people around me. I hope you guys are having a good 



I got my new schedule today, All this time, I was stressing my chem teacher and her unfair ways of managing the classroom and her ways of teaching, and finally she took me out of her class. She must of felt the same way I did... By doing so, it altered my whole schedule  Rather than starting at 7:30 and getting out at 2, I now start at 8:20 and get out at 3. 2 classes were changed, (which I don't mind at all!) Maybe this change is for the better, I know that I am good in my chemistry class, but my lateness has made my grades falter.
Besides that, my leadership class finally got our pre-ordered customized hoodies. I was happy with the outcome.. The after school of the day was spent in Vocal Workshop, singing both inside and outside the classroom to people. It was a fun time. I hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!


Future Moments

Movies last week ^ 

But overall, today I went out to Queens Center Mall with a big group of friends. And I just thought to myself, wow, I really have not gotten out much. It was one of the first few times we actually made plans to go chill somewhere besides school. Felt good. The moments will always be remembered. So this school year, We all have to definitely chill and hang out way more. I love this people <3 


From Home to HOME.

                 While bored one morning, I compiled a video of my New Want List for 2013.

Happy Saturday Readers!
I spent my weekend in Philadelphia, PA... Overall I had a pretty good time. Though it was very jam-packed in the car and snowing while we drove towards, we got here safely and were welcomed into a cozy spacious home of my mother's friend Marthe. I went to the church my family used to go to when we used to live here. Everyone looked so different and more grown. Saturday night was filled with all of us hanging out at Gabby's house, watching movies, and eating pizza and fried chicken. It was great seeing everyone again. I actually want to come back here more often. I really liked spending time with the people I used to go to church with.




I was inspired by wivch, so i went for it due to my own boredom, 

Lost in Time...

Working the Blood Drive at my school On Friday ...

Me and Anduar, wearing black on black , - Monday 

My hair , a now crazy purple. Love it! 

Over the weekend, I and a few church friends and family went to Stanford, Connecticut for a master guide convention. Overall, it was pretty fun, the food was good, good space, Jacuzzi and pool. The only things that sucked was the 10 seminars we needed to attend. We spent each night all hanging out in one hotel room, blasting music, playing 21 questions, jumping on the beds, touring the halls, going up and down elevators, having a jolly good time. We made the best of things. 

Though I had a good time, I was very thrilled to be home. I was welcomed by a new foster child living in our house, his name is Tristian. He is 1. Very very cute baby, Pictures coming up soon.


A Vintage Era...

Happy Saturday Readers!
It may sound a bit off, considering the fact that today is Sunday, but I didn't have time to blog last night.
With all situations resolved, I am starting to feel better about everything. School, Family, and i'm digging my new style! =] I'm thinking of dying my hair purple! We'll see how that goes,
Anyway, outfit; I was going for an all black wardrobe today, so I paired a black sleeveless top, with a velvet maxi skirt and spiked shoes. Worked out pretty well, the weather wasn't that bad,
Hope you all are having a lovely day! It's been a busy one for me.


Comme Des F*ckDown

Happy Friday Readers! :)
This week was pretty LONG.

Usually when I bring up my week and say "Wow, this week was long" or "this week took forever", there are people that agree and disagree. Its understandable, the week is different for everyone, but! This time, EVERYONE AGREED. Something is going on the world. Why was each day so long and slow? Early mornings and late nights?Are we awake too much hours of the day? Or is something just simply making every day go by slower and slower.
Its crazy really. But it's pretty alright.

Despite the usual High school Drama , this week was good. I auditioned for my school's musical and Talent Show which both went pretty well. I'm pretty sure I got a spot in both. I hope that everything turns out well. Plus, some things I ordered on Christmas finally came. ^.^

On the subject of petty high school drama, I have a question for you.

(Side Hoe: A girl/s you got on the side other than your main girlfriend. She initially is someone who is just used to get pleasure from OR simply flirt with and nothing else that is serious.)

There is a guy you're talking to, He isn't really a relationship person(could always change) and has a "sidehoe". It gets annoying at times, but you guys have been talking for about a month or two now, (hanging out almost everyday, having a great time and all what not. - Its continually moving forward, hes opening up to you more, you guys are more comfortable everyday)
One day, your friend, (which was your ex) comes to you, (despite the fact that he cut you off and cheated on you the year prior), with eyes of tears and starts pouring his heart out to you that he wants you back, what would YOU do?

Go back to the ex hoping that this time around it will be better or stay with the guy that you might not have a future with?

I'm working on getting to class on time, and my constant procrastinating. I WILL get better.
I hope you guys had a good week as well. ^.^
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