All is fair in Cart Bagels and Holidays

Today felt like a normal school day. Excluding the fact I missed a few of my classes to take pictures for the school paper and yearbook. It was pretty fun though. The Holiday Show makes the crowd enjoy it every year. But lawd! I was hella hot. I dig the weather though.

O-mighty camouflage pinafore 
Thrifted Marching Shoes 
White DIY crop sweater

Oh Yeah, notice anything different?

I will make a resolution to eat healthier. I've been eating the worst of foods because ugh its so good. I had a bagel and rice cakes today. I'm getting there. 

my usual lunch/dinner since im in the school so late 

A few snippets of my school's holiday show today


Tshirt, Flannel , No Clothes

damn you look good. damn you look good and girl you look good --Dom Kennedy 
As cold as it was, I felt a dire need to go round and continue taking shots for my college application entrance project and portfolio. I dragged Abe out his bed, styled him and this was pretty much the outcome.


Let it Snow Bro.

Seriously love this guy. Happy got him to get in front of the camera for once. 

Best derp face ever 

Receiving more things in the mail #toolazy fo shopping

You know I said last post? Eh.
So getting sick after this.
Its altight though.
Spending my night practicing cheers and typing up physics lab reports.
Idk how Google did this, but thank you

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