DIY| Uniform Pocketed High Waist Shorts

Another DIY for you guys.
These Shorts were very easy to make, especially the fact I used a hot glue gun, rather than taking the time to sew it on. I think just about any one can do this one, trying different patterns of the sort.. Enjoy !

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you are spending it with loved ones and got everything your heat desired!
Though I do not truly celebrate Christmas due to my religion as a Seventh Day Adventist, I did have a good day that day. Though I didn't wake up to Christmas presents under the tree, or a big family dinner, I had a good time over the winter break.
Majority of it was spent editing a video for my church, which took so many days to complete. But all in all, I finished it, along with the help of my sister, Marsha.
Watch it here :)

Besides that, I spent Christmas break going to see the big tree on 5th Avenue (New York City) and shopping around at thrift stores and my sister's job, Juicy Couture.I spent Christmas day ordering items online, watching old Christmas movies (e.g. The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Twas the night before Christmas, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Its A Very Muppet Christmas, Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer, Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman, and White Christmas).
Each of the movies, had me in a Christmas mood. Honestly, I really want to have a Christmas... I want to experience how it feels to pick up a tree, decorate it, wrap presents and place in underneath... To have family and friends come over for great dinners. Since I didn't get to have that basically my whole life, I will provide the greatest Christmas every year for my future self, along with my future family. But that's over 15 years away. Dream Big or Go Home I suppose!
Once again, I hope you guys had a great Christmas this year, Expect a greater consistency in outfit posting next year! :)


DIY| Velvet High Waist Shorts

Merry Christmas Readers!
After opening gifts and ordering items online, I saw a girl wearing and rocking a pair of high waist velvet shorts. I really wanted them... Couldn't find them anywhere. I convinced myself, i could make them,
I never actually worked on sewing projects. I would cut here and there and hem here and there on a old fashioned dress then call it my own. But I really wanted to challenge myself and make a pair of shorts.
I set out to it. It turned out, I must say, successfully.

Recently, I thrifted a overalled long maxi velvet dress. I was meaning to cut the bottom off for a while to make the dress more short and stylish for me. So, I snipped off 11 1/2 inches off the bottom. 

I ended up having this long peice of cloth. I folded the top about 1 1/2 inch and cut the width of the fabric 33 inches to fit my hips. 

The fold over of the fabric allowed me to hem the shorts, by sewing at the edge of the folded fabric.

I cut 24 inch elastic and shoved it through the hemmed part of the short.


I connected the two elastic ends by sewing them together, a little tighter than 24 inches cause elastic is very stretchy.

I sewed the rest of the shorts inward, Separating the two pant legs where the fabric did not overlap. 
High waisted shorts. 


The Time ..

Its been a while since I posted or even took simply pictures of myself. I have been extremely busy in the midst of school activities mainly. I was planning on posting outfits, but my sickness and the bad weather didn't allow me to do so. I would say that, that week was my personal week away from blogging. I just needed to breathe and explore other areas of my life. I've since realized that blogging as well as socializing is a part of my life, and I will always enjoy it, but more importantly is the need to balance it all with everything else. I'm working on it... The only solution might be late night blogging. Trust me, it will be all better once my camera is here and the New Year comes.

We're halfway through December and time is quickly approaching.  Here's the fill in;

  • Cheerleading is going very well, the steps are easy to get. My problem is the whole practice on Saturday thing. I probably wont ever be able to make it, due to my religion, but how much will I miss? 
  • I made an ask.fm - Feel free to ask questions to me! http://ask.fm/imannieee
  •  My school's Cardozo Night Live show was a great success. Incredibly hilarious! 
  • I recently went to a sweet sixteen that I surprisingly didn't take any pictures at. It was a cheap and cozy one. Everyone felt at home and the dancing was great. :) - I wore a black sweetheart lace top with high waist black velvet leggings, white frilly socks and spike Jeffery Campbells. 

> No mini skirts, mini dresses (if you're gonna dance with guys, it will ride up and you will either look bad or be forced to keep pulling your dress down)
>Don't go towards long ballgown dresses 
>Yes to shorts (I prefer highwaisted) or leggings 
>Bring flats and loose pants 
>Always keep lip medication on you 



Today I went to do some holiday shopping. My sisters and I went to Roosevelt Mall, then to the city. It was a pretty enjoyable day for me. I checked out some of my favorite stores, which was having a great sale. (I have to go back soon) 
I hope you guys had a Happy Tuesday! :) 


My School, Back Then

I was in the S.O. Office in my school, We have this big library of all the school's yearbooks. I went towards these two. I flipped through them. They are absolutey cute and inspiring. What people used to look like and dress like. 
Happy Sunday ! 


Another Day With Zee

Velvet Shirt
Blue Oxford Button Down 
Black Lace Skirt 
White Socks 

Today was another good day. I spent it with Zee as I went to church. 
Happy Saturday ! :) 

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