Small Moments Remembered

Pepperoni Pizzas and Pepperoni Pinwheels is literally what I had every day this week. I'm getting so unhealthy. 

Editing my new domain shots. 

 New Fall Shoe Collection - I love man shoes. 

The only necklace I have been wearing this week. 

I wasn't able to catch all - towards barley of my outfits this week. I promise to make a post on it on Sunday! 
Going back to school was definitely a hassle. My sleeping schedule wasn't arranged at all what so ever, and I wasn't too content with my schedule. BUT with time I arranged, and now I completely love my junior schedule. I realized how much I missed my friends and how great my new elective " Play Production" would be. Sadly I have been slacking on my coffee and tea intake. Lawd. 
Regardless, Sorry if this wasn't the fashion post you guys expected, its simply snippets of my life this week.

And if you guys are wondering about my vibrant hair color which is now a Forest Green, 
I used Pravana Chromasilk Vivids - Green. 
My original intention was blue but for some reason I thought this best fit me. And it does. I love it so much. 
Yes I did have to use bleach. 

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