This House Is Everyone's Shelter, Even For Those We Don't Wan't Inside.

We finally got a few shots with Mama Bear!

Today's title was taken from a book I read that I cant quite remember which one it was. I feel like its true though. You are going to put in situations or surroundings with the people you simply refuse to get along with, are completely uncomfortable with or simply do not like for various reasons. Myself, this applies to me a lot. But you just learn that everything happens for a reason. And either you embrace the surroundings and make yourself comfortable. As hard as it can be.

Today my hairstyle has no swing or shazaam to it, its just your typical bed head hair. Haha

Towards my outfit, Everything is pretty much vintage. I saw this 1800's styled shirt and knew I had to wear it rather than your one in the mill everyday basic white oxford shirt. My socks were DIY (Which means "Do-It-Yourself) Surprisingly I was asked "Hey where is the location for the DIY store you always get cool stuff from" I laughed and thought, that's not what it means. Hey but its alright. Took me a while to realize.

WOW  did I really just write a paragraph on that? Okay.

My Saturday was pretty well, I truly loved the weather today. It was just so cool and simply reminded me of the amazing autumn weather that will soon hit New York.

Tonight I'm starting a new book so Farewell !
I hope you had a great Saturday!



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