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So. This is a pretty pointless post and will be the last post of this blog. Around Christmas I am posting the offish link to my new blog. Super excited to start fresh and exhibit the things I have been working on. Trust me, just because I haven't posted in a while doesn't mean I haven't been thinking or working on things for my blog. Lately I haven't been taking outfit posts but here's what has been going on. CNL was amazing. We made over 600 people laugh their asses off. It was great to watch all of my hard work pay off. I'm shifting gears and getting back into my school mode. Rather than bombarding myself with extra curricular activities, I am only doing a few things this year in which I can actually be dedicated to.

My kitten, Lucy 

Vans becoming an every day wear - super comfy 

 Working on shit for CNL

 In the stage crew booth working on the production of the MultiCultrual Show 

 Enjoying putting up a tree at Abraham's house

My Jefferey Campbell Coltranes finally came in. 

Bus rides.. Alone 
Best way to style a jersey is with a flannel. My opinion 

 Selfies up until I misplaced my glasses. Lawd. 

Always carry my poloriod around. 

Only a few shots of CNL. Ugh Too damn funny man. 
 Although it isn't the same as being there, for those who didn't get to come, the show is definitely online. 
You can see me and my fro running from on stage to in the audience to in character cause I had to stage manage, co direct and perform in the show. It was alright though. Stage Crew was the biggest help of all though. 

I hope you guys have happy holidays. I sure as hell will. 
Stay tuned though. <3 


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