Snapshots - Fathoms of Blackness

I actually enjoyed the sermon from today - My notes on it ,

"Alright now guys, smile and say CHEESE!"

We always capture the greatest of moments. When we're at an Amusement park or slurping on ice cream, riding a bike for the first time, anniversaries, events, new family but we don't capture the times where your loved ones are dying or the amounts of times you were broken hearted and so forth. Why?
In reality we don't want to remember the time where we were at our lowest. When the bills were high and the money so low, when we were broken hearted, unemployed, in mourn, used, abused then confused. We have an incomplete history.  If we only remember the times where we were at peace with ourselves. When we were happy and stress free. We are missing something. We don't have the full story. Only the pillow in which you cried on will know your pain, the mirrors, the cellphones. I don't know what has come your way this year. I don't know the times your stress and worry have gone through your mind over and over again. I don't know the nights you stayed up or the times you used a credit card to pay another  but

I'm not saying to drag out every heart ache and pain but if you refuse to remember, you will forget what or who lifted you up. If we only remember the good times, we will forget who brought us through them. God shows up in the midst of our troubles. God is the silence of our tears.

We got to realize that throughout the past years, we were not perfect. We never will be. When you are looking back, don't forget to look up. When we are moving forward, don't forget to look up. We forget where our help came from.

Not the bank accounts, nor the car you drive, house you live in, the clothes you wear, republican or democrat, bottles, pills - Nothing got you out.
God helped you to make it.

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  1. Amazing. No other words for it. God is my peace and my strength - this post just said it very nicely.


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