Other Shots from My week,

I'm blogging from a random trip to Pennsylvania with Zee and Deange. My week consisted of guitar classes, interviews, recording with John and Layah, as well as going to and fro the city. My goodness, I'm tired. I'm tired of the noise- I'm tired of New York. I'm glad to getaway from the madness, even if it is such a short time! I realized another thing about myself this week. When I shop, I don't only shop for me. I also shop for this blog, I stand out because I want people to stand out as well. Be more of an individual. My goal is to inspire others to be more different. I feel that my blog doesn't do enough justice. Rather than just posting photographs and snapshots of my week, I will start posting vlogs as well! I cant wait to take up film as a new hobby! Be prepared for vlogs, covers, tutorials, and so much more. I want to be the best I can be, always room for improvement. 
I hope you guys had a great week this week ! 
xx Minor xx


  1. cool sweater, and hair!!
    and you are a singer, don't you?

    1. I am, You guys will see a bunch of new song covers soon,
      Can't wait to incorporate more of my life into my blog :)

  2. I loove how you style your dungarees, those socks are wicked! xx



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