Fall Essentials Guide : By A Minor

Today was actually one of my greatest of the week. After spending a day out with my friends Imani and Jherald, I had a really fun little photoshoot with my sister Niquita. We added a backdrop, lights, a fan. We were hot and sweaty, music blasting, dancing round. It is actually the most fun I have had in a while! 
Time to get ready for my favorite season! FALL. Why is it my favorite? The weather is absolutely amazing and it goes from Summer's warmth and prepares gals for Winter's cold. You can still wear crop tops and sweaters and be cozy as fuck, Haha.
Take a look for my first of many essential guide for this fall 

My Fall Tips
So, I love 90's Hair. It really intrigues me so much. The teased pony tail and scuffled up bangs. I cant get enough of this. I got this hairdo from Full House. I love the big scrunchies! 
Other than that
>High Waist jeans with Big buckled belts 
>Camouflage is always in. This particular trend never went out of season. Obviously Fall is the best season to wear camo print.
>Plaid print ALL THE WAY. 
>Denim Bottoms 
>Chunky Sweaters 
>Frilly and Comfy Socks 

>Gold Chains and Gold Accessories. Can you really go wrong? 
>A big red pullover 
Enjoy one of our first Fall Shots of the week,
Have a great night! 


  1. Replies
    1. I am.. Its actually unhealthy, This whole thing was inspired from her, Im not even gonna front.

  2. flannels,florals,highwasted jeans, armyprints, circle skirts, and chunky knits!

    Now this is what I'm talking about! Can't wait till fall!!



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