She's Well Practiced in the Art of Loosing Herself. I can say the same for Myself.

Niquita and I are obsessed with Sloths now. They are the most creepiest animal I have ever seen in my life. So I must. Default 

DIY American Apparel Bleach Circle Skirt 

Most people go far out to get away from the noise and crowds. For inner peace and quiet. Sometimes, I too feel this way. But lately? I have been craving the bangs, fusses, and cacophony! I really want to explore every aspect of New York that I can. I have been cooped up in a house for so long, I want to get out there.

While walking out on the bridge and feeling the wind in my hair, and peering over the port to view the ocean, I felt like I could just loose myself in the view alone. I love it. I blame the teenager rebel phase. But if I cant beat it, I'll join it.

My sister Niquita and I hit up the Brooklyn Bridge and Seaport view today. It was a great time really. It just reminds me that there is so much of New York in which I haven't seen, and what I want to see. I cant wait to start my adventures.

And speaking of which, The Arabic under my new domain photo, says "The Wonderful Adventures and Fashions of a," And there goes Minor. I would have done it reversed but I dig it that way, way better.
Enjoy !

And I hope you are having a great Friday!

Also, This basically completed mines.
My boyfriend Abraham showed me a few videos, and Lawddd this stuck out as my favorite one.
I really hope this makes you smile or laugh or something.
I actually love it as a legit song.
"Death Metal Friday"
Downloading now. Shoot. LOL


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