Graffiti Me.

 Swagged Pictures in the Projects. 

I am in love with graffiti backgrounds. They are so REBEL and RISKY and OLD FASHIONED. I love it so much. I found this door while walking around with my friend Zipporah. I couldn't resist  I will take more pictures here. Sometimes you shouldn't just stay in the same area. Have fun and go other places. I feel really inspired to write a poem.. Coming soon.
Another beautiful day here in Brooklyn. 
Another week that i didn't post as much, i guess i just simply didn't have enough time to get to it. This week has been pretty stressful, with the PSAT's and different tests, leadership class, and different clubs. It feels really good to be involved but it can be overwhelming sometimes! I plan to get better in the managing of my time though. 
On Thursday, i came home to 2 new kids in my house. We got new foster kids! It was exciting, Because this time it was a baby (1 year old) and a little girl (5 year old) They are both so cute. So that upped my mood. 
Yesterday was my school's Halloween dance. As a part of my grade in leadership, i had to help set up and sell tickets and what not. Feels really good and the party was a huge success. 
This morning i woke up with arm sores. (I honestly don't get how) 
Pictures coming up soon! :)

Today was church, while singing i really felt a spirit in the room. I don't know, maybe it was just me. But the feedback was better. With clapping and amens. That's happens once in a blue moon! With my new foster kids, i had to change my little brother's dirty diaper continually. It was annoying but completely cute. 
Thats him! :) 

Happy Saturday! 

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