The week is Over!

This weeks outfits ! 

And once again it is Friday. I love Fridays so much .

Humanties Hunter Green Cardigan
Leather Shorts (FAVE)
Chesnut Polo Boots 
Black Small Dress 

Walking around the ave with my mother, buying school uniform for my new foster sister, Oneisha.
I didn't realize there were so many photo ops around this area. Specific parts of the Ave are actually very beautiful! I plan on taking pictures around the area! I bought a lot of stockings of many colors. I need that this year, more non see through colored stockings!

Second Hand Black Dress
Oxfords- Necessary Clothing 
American Eagle denim jacket

I was thinking , mix prints!
I mixed polka dot with this glittered collar shirt. !
Forever 21 Glitter Collard Sheer Shirt
Blue Polka Dot Thrifted Pants 
Spiked Shoes - Necessary Clothing

Leaves! So beautiful this time of year.

Thrifted Burgandy Plaid Oxford Shirt
Second Hand Mini skirt 
Brown Combats 

My friend Taylor. Looking real dressed up. :)

 Mitchell is brilliant with Photoshop. He needs to teach me how he does this ! 

The marking period ends next week and i am scared to see what my grades will be for Chemistry. I have missed that class so many times because it is so early in the morning! My first class starts at 7:30. So i have to wake up at 5 and be at the bus at 6:30. If I miss that one bus or if it comes early or doesn't come at all, i am screwed. And so far, i have missed that class 8 times =/ I seriously need to get myself together. Since i am in leadership now, i have to represent a leader not only physically (helping out in school events) but mentally and academically. So, for next marking period i have to make a promise to myself. I need to start taking class more seriously. I need to get up and go!

Leadership, this week we had to work on Halloween Signs for the dance, along with design a hoodie for ourselves and collect candy from the classes.
My 3 signs;

Besides that, this week was a good week.Another week without my phone. i actually don't even miss it as much. i think it consumed a lot of my time! Instead, I hung out with my friends and just felt more confident. It increases every week. I got equalized into a new Spanish class, I'm happy that my friend Heidi was in it, as she was last year!

 I decided not to post every single day this week, because i had too much homework to do. Speaking of work, i need to get my piano life in order! I have a recital next month and i haven't practiced in two weeks. My keyboard piano is broken now, and i'm not sure what exactly to do anymore. My teacher will be very disappointed in me. I need to fix that up and practice hard. To me, i always loved playing the piano. I always made covers to songs and what not. But as my mother put me in serious piano lessons, i have felt less interested. Yeah i know its for my benefit in the end, but i don't want to give up my dream of playing and mastering the piano. But it seems as if my hobby is becoming a chore because of of the pressure of lessons.

Today, my praise team and I practiced for 3 hours. It was stressful, especially because my head hurt so bad. I hit my head on the sink while sneezing. 2nd worst pain ever. So, with the singing over and over and the loud piano and drums behind me, it was more overwhelming.

I'm glad that I'm home now, in my little bed. Tomorrow there is a Music Day at my church. I hope its a great success. We really worked hard for it.
Happy Friday! :)

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