Today i had piano practice. I have a recital in 2 weeks. - On November 10th and November 17. I truly am nervous for them. I really don't want to mess up. Last week, my piano teacher scolded me for my lack of practice and lack of attendance  I was upset because piano was something i always loved and always played at. Now that i'm actually being judged and graded on it. It seems less and less like a hobby. Now it seems like a chore. I am so upset on how things used to be. My mom wont let me take a break. I feel like one of the Asians where the mother and father work them too hard. I must suck it up and start practicing more. So this week i did. I came home. I practiced. And today at piano lessons i was good. I think she was proud. No do overs this week. Im amazed and proud of my self. That feeling... I hope that it stays for a while. The feeling of accomplishment... I will try harder.

For those who are struggling with stress. Give it your all.
Once its over and you're put to the test and the teacher has nothing wrong to say,
The feeling is tremendous and relaxing to you.
Work hard to get that feeling.
Its worth it.

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