When i look at you

My best friend Rebecca. Even though we've gone through our ups and downs, though we are still in our own personal unsaid down. I still consider her my best friend.  Shes been there through my ups and downs. I still love her a lot. I've known her for so long and i still title her as best. I know that we will get back up there one day. I love you Rebecca. 

This picture is everything. 

Today was a good day. 
My church's five year anniversary was today. Together at AY, we talked on how we loved this church and what makes us stay and what we went through. It brought us closer. 
This morning, the windows were open, the house smelt like burnt popcorn. I shrugged it off and took a shower. Turns out, yesterday night, sometime at 1-3 o' clock in the morning, my sister woke up to several smoke alarms going off. Turns out, my dad fell asleep while making a plantain at high flame. There was smoke all over the first floor. I;m so thankful that she woke up to put the fire out. God has things happen for a reason. People are there and are notified for a reason. I'm so thankful and I thank him for allowing Marsha to wake up in the first place. 

Today got me really thinking about my ex for some reason. Though we never actually went out, i still am thinking about him. I really do miss him. But i cant give in. I've gotta be strong and continue on... I'm clueless what to do. 

Have a good Saturday! 

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