Lost in Time...

Working the Blood Drive at my school On Friday ...

Me and Anduar, wearing black on black , - Monday 

My hair , a now crazy purple. Love it! 

Over the weekend, I and a few church friends and family went to Stanford, Connecticut for a master guide convention. Overall, it was pretty fun, the food was good, good space, Jacuzzi and pool. The only things that sucked was the 10 seminars we needed to attend. We spent each night all hanging out in one hotel room, blasting music, playing 21 questions, jumping on the beds, touring the halls, going up and down elevators, having a jolly good time. We made the best of things. 

Though I had a good time, I was very thrilled to be home. I was welcomed by a new foster child living in our house, his name is Tristian. He is 1. Very very cute baby, Pictures coming up soon.

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