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Happy Friday Readers! :)
This week was pretty LONG.

Usually when I bring up my week and say "Wow, this week was long" or "this week took forever", there are people that agree and disagree. Its understandable, the week is different for everyone, but! This time, EVERYONE AGREED. Something is going on the world. Why was each day so long and slow? Early mornings and late nights?Are we awake too much hours of the day? Or is something just simply making every day go by slower and slower.
Its crazy really. But it's pretty alright.

Despite the usual High school Drama , this week was good. I auditioned for my school's musical and Talent Show which both went pretty well. I'm pretty sure I got a spot in both. I hope that everything turns out well. Plus, some things I ordered on Christmas finally came. ^.^

On the subject of petty high school drama, I have a question for you.

(Side Hoe: A girl/s you got on the side other than your main girlfriend. She initially is someone who is just used to get pleasure from OR simply flirt with and nothing else that is serious.)

There is a guy you're talking to, He isn't really a relationship person(could always change) and has a "sidehoe". It gets annoying at times, but you guys have been talking for about a month or two now, (hanging out almost everyday, having a great time and all what not. - Its continually moving forward, hes opening up to you more, you guys are more comfortable everyday)
One day, your friend, (which was your ex) comes to you, (despite the fact that he cut you off and cheated on you the year prior), with eyes of tears and starts pouring his heart out to you that he wants you back, what would YOU do?

Go back to the ex hoping that this time around it will be better or stay with the guy that you might not have a future with?

I'm working on getting to class on time, and my constant procrastinating. I WILL get better.
I hope you guys had a good week as well. ^.^

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