I got my new schedule today, All this time, I was stressing my chem teacher and her unfair ways of managing the classroom and her ways of teaching, and finally she took me out of her class. She must of felt the same way I did... By doing so, it altered my whole schedule  Rather than starting at 7:30 and getting out at 2, I now start at 8:20 and get out at 3. 2 classes were changed, (which I don't mind at all!) Maybe this change is for the better, I know that I am good in my chemistry class, but my lateness has made my grades falter.
Besides that, my leadership class finally got our pre-ordered customized hoodies. I was happy with the outcome.. The after school of the day was spent in Vocal Workshop, singing both inside and outside the classroom to people. It was a fun time. I hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!

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