Mushroom Clouds

I had an amazing weekend once again at Adventurer Camp. Although it was hot and hard the first day, the weekend was enjoyable. While leaving the campsite, I looked at the clouds, peace, nature, and serenity out the window. I recollected on all that had happened. My best friends Zipporah, Noah, and Jaysen visited me and made my day Saturday morning. We spent the morning walking around, relaxing in the shade rather than staying indoors in the church, then the afternoon helping out with the kids and sneaking away to A/C filled rooms. When she left I felt a separation anxiety almost at once. I'm glad she came out to make me smile. 

I think today was super fun. This morning we had pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. During the 7:30 role call, I snuck and took showers with my sister and old reunited friend Rebecca. Thankfully there was no line. The pitching down of tents took the most of 20 minutes. Surprisingly! We had less people helping because many sat on their buts but it got done way quicker! Last weekend it seemed like it took forever. Afterwards, we checked out the horseback riding area then went canoeing. At Berkshire, there were so many of my favorite flower: Daisies and fungi, mushroom, pretty much everywhere! Beautiful! We raced each other up and down the lake and in the end, we all thought yolo and jumped in the water. Oh it was so close but so refreshing! We showered after that and chilled in the grass watching the clouds, waiting for the bus to come. I feel like it was a bitter sweet ending. The end of camp always has one. I wasn't thinking of the madness that will soon follow or what was going on. I was in complete nirvana. Haha :) 

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! 

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  1. Love your blog and sense of style
    And you're adventist, Hi5 :p


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