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Thrift Store Finds...

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I spent my day reading an inspiring poetry book my old friend Rebecca accidentally lent to me, as well as checking out a thrift store, then a foot locker for a pair of desperately needed running shoes. I ended up finding cool items! Like a pair of old silver spiked shoes that are in style now, along with a vintage black dress and an actual bohemian turban. Completely Satisfied. 
I also photographed a few items I bought at Soho. 
Tip: Do not shop for items that are in style now. Shop for the basics, so though styles change, you are always on top. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow your style is AMAZING!! I love the crop tops and flatforms ( especially those kitty ones). Oh and the corduroy circle skirt LOVE IT I have it also. Ok sorry about the random rant.


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