Last Night's Hoorah

My sisters, John, Sheena, and I stopped by the yearly carnival in Roy Wilkins Park last night.
I had a very great time! Those rides are surely underestimated! All of the fast moving, jaw dropping, twisting, adrenaline rush-made rides made the night horribly fun.

This morning, I woke up with a mood to write. 

If I could, I would capture your laughter in a photo
Your whole laugh
The way you squint your eyes and you cover your mouth
Almost like you find it inappropriate to feel immeasurable happiness for a few
I would hold your happiness in my hands, and maybe I would feel it too. 
If I could, I would have kept in a picture my head on your shoulder,
Our feet in the sand and out smiling faces by the summer sun.
I would capture perfect moments,
That I didn't know were perfect in time.
And put them up all around me,
So I could live in them forever. 

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