Outfits 2. "Paint this Picture in Your Mind"

Another Tuesday goes by, You know what THAT means! More outfits to conjure up!
I wrote a piece this morning as I stared at the bulletin board in my room, while taking down all school reminders and events.

"I am like the bulletin board hanging on my wall. Consumed by photos, ideas, to-do lists, important handouts, and deadlines. My mind is a constant collage of a never ending stream of thoughts, worries, and memories. It has a serious side, a fun side and a sentimental side. The bulletin board is covered in all kinds of things from my past, present, and future It's worn out, messy, drawn on, and has way too many thumbtack holes, but it all represents all the school and church stress, heartaches, and memories I never want to forget."

Today, Its just me and my new foster sister, Jasmine, whom is 2 years old. 
I think I'll go make pancakes for her.


  1. love ur blog and ur style ... u got really nice pics



  2. these are some really dope outfits!!! amazing!!! love your blog


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