Hurricane Sandy Log.

Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Since i'm suck inside, I'm spending the day organizing my room and closet, making clothes, watching old 90's shows, and sketching. Who says a rainy day cant be fun?
Later on that night, around 8:30 PM, my power turned off. My dad shows me outside. A heavy branch has fallen pulling power cords down and gates are wide open due to the wind. The streetlights have gone out. The last one that remains on is the one in front of my house.
Tuesday I go outside, many trees fell on houses and blocked streets. Its sad to see that. The power cords are wrapped around the trees and are brought down. Hence the power shortage. My block could of had it worse though. I have to remember that.
I spent ALL day sketching and playing bored games with my sisters. After while its the same things over and over. When it got dark , we played HEDBANZ by candle light. I start sketching.

I ended up making a vintage shirt, A velvet mini skirt/ pencil skirt, and a uniform skirt. 

The next day, is Wednesday. Happy Halloween! I walked around the block that morning so see the solution to the damage. There isnt much. I see a man in front of his house. "WE HAVE POWEEERRRR!! WE HAVE POWER!! YOU'RE NEXT! WE'RE GONNA GET OUR POWER BACK! IM SO HAPPPY! " His happiness was contagious. I rushed to get home. 
Turns out we did have power! 

For about 5 seconds. 
Wow. Shattered Dreams. 

I go to my friends house, who went to their friend's house. I SEE LIGHT. POWER. TV. A WORKING   FRIDGE. I charge everything. I had internet. Amazing time. We even watched a movie! I was extremely happy. 

Thursday comes. 4 days without Power. I cant. No power means No heat. No heat means no stove. No Electricity means no tv, radio, computer, etc. No stoves , microwaves, fridges, and toasters. Its been 4 days and it really sucks...I'm waiting for them to turn the power back on. Its hard because around 7 o clock, its completely dark outside. No streetlights or motioned censored lights. Its scary. I hope power comes soon and i pray for all the families that were seriously affected. 

Have a good week :) 

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