DIY| Velvet High Waist Shorts

Merry Christmas Readers!
After opening gifts and ordering items online, I saw a girl wearing and rocking a pair of high waist velvet shorts. I really wanted them... Couldn't find them anywhere. I convinced myself, i could make them,
I never actually worked on sewing projects. I would cut here and there and hem here and there on a old fashioned dress then call it my own. But I really wanted to challenge myself and make a pair of shorts.
I set out to it. It turned out, I must say, successfully.

Recently, I thrifted a overalled long maxi velvet dress. I was meaning to cut the bottom off for a while to make the dress more short and stylish for me. So, I snipped off 11 1/2 inches off the bottom. 

I ended up having this long peice of cloth. I folded the top about 1 1/2 inch and cut the width of the fabric 33 inches to fit my hips. 

The fold over of the fabric allowed me to hem the shorts, by sewing at the edge of the folded fabric.

I cut 24 inch elastic and shoved it through the hemmed part of the short.


I connected the two elastic ends by sewing them together, a little tighter than 24 inches cause elastic is very stretchy.

I sewed the rest of the shorts inward, Separating the two pant legs where the fabric did not overlap. 
High waisted shorts. 

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