This week was pretty interesting. A lot of emotions breezed by. This week has been filled with so much events. Besides my vocal workshop (which went extremely well - video coming up soon!) I sang "My Funny Valentine" Its an old time song, Written in a manuscript form rather then on lyrics mode or something of the sort. I realized that my voice did improve since last year. I tried this song last year. At the high part I would usually punk out because I was afraid that I would crack and not be able to reach it. This year though, I was more encouraged to hit that high note and I did. Very well I might add.

Besides Vocal Workshop and trying a new note, I also tried cheerleading. This week I tried out for the cheerleading team in my school and made it in the final cut. Feels good actually, Its not just about step, its actual cheers and stunts. I used to always want to be in that as a kid when I was going through a Kim Possible faze. And now finally in high school, I get a chance to be in it. I am actually balancing my time out much better. Though I wake early and come home late, I am getting things done. Our school had a basketball game which the cheerleaders performed at. It was shaky at first due to the critique of the audience  but then after halftime, everyone was comfortable. We won against Martin Van Buren 97-32.

I have been becoming closer to some people and farther distant than others. I have seen some of my friends in danger and in trouble this week as well due to fighting. Everyone seems to be in that mood lately ..It sucks watching them get hurt. It has made me emotional.

For my creative writing class, we each had to submit a piece for the Salmigudi in my school on the topic of Seven Deadly Sins. I wrote a poem dedicated to a guy named Joseph. It is an exaggeration of a guy filled with Pride and EGO.

He's Confident 
Straightened Back
Head and Shoulders up tall
A swag in his step
He walks slowly and swifty down the hallways 
He gives the girls that make them feel special, 
That makes them feel good and weak in the knees.
They flock towards him. 
He acts like he doesn't know
Oh, he knows....
He knows his self worth, yet a little more,
Maybe too much 
With a highset ego he thinks he's better than everyone else
He doesnt need to ask, they give
He doesnt need to come, they follow him
The guys respect him
The teachers adore him
The girls love him.
"He's cute","He's  Amazing","He's cure","I want him"
His head is a kettle.
The boiling liquid vapors into steam as they gas him up.
He is his own hero.
His own legend. 
He's got a hero's grip.
The THOUGHT itself is deadly
So when I saw this guy, this popular jock, 
Smiling among the big crowds and groupies.
I stopped, I watched. 
My blurred vision made me see the high esteem levels in his eyes.
My mind captured every step of  pride in each body movement he made. 
Typical Jock. 
I knew there was more to him. 
Finally I saw right through him. 
Nevertheless how he portrayed himself or,
How people interpreted him as,
I saw the humbleness in his soul.
The truth behind his E-G-O.
Oh, he know's it's there. 
But if he keeps up his act,
His pride will be at the end of him. 

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