Lion Tamer

So I got really inspired, So I am writing a compostion which is the summary of the poem I am working on.

I dream of myself as a lion. Who is dreaming of the relationship  she had with the guy.  A couple laughing and kissing. Loving each other. This was a time when he took her back then. When he used to be nice, loving, and caring  This human form was her own  portrayal of her past, dreaming of it over and over, forever wishing it would be alive and present.

She wakes up. And she is in a cage. Everyone has their eyes on her. She tries to run away but she is chained down. She is a lion. The music starts to play. The audience applause. She sees her husband walk on stage dressed as the lion tamer. He had an evil glare in his eyes as He walks towards her. The cages lift. She runs to him finding refuge, safety and caressing love but he takes the whip and strikes her. The crowd goes wild, laughing and pointing screaming ENCORE! HUBBA HUBBA!

"As I roar of fury as you hurt me over and over. I ask myself when will you show me that you love me again. how long you will torture me with your rough embrace, punish me with your so called care, suffocate me with the lies, Humiliate me with your every mark you make to my skin"

Every time he spoke, Cold air seeps through his mouth. He was a cold man with a black heart.

She looks back in the crowd and sees herself and the guy in human form. The laughing, the kissing, the romance. One last strike to the soul, and the people dissapear. This time for good. She has lost the hope. The people in the crowd are the people that she portrayed herself and the man to be once again. But now, she was the lion. And it was reality.

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