A Little Bit Of Insight

This week was one of my really good weeks. Despite the annoyance of my gym teacher, I had a pretty good week. Lets start by saying, I made the cheerleading team in my school. (Claps for Annie!) I think that it will be a great experience and I will make good friends and have a great time... I need to get fit again anyway. Even though I am a skinny person, My laziness has caused me to not exercise, therefore making me lazy. So I can't wait to get my flips and splits up to par. 

Also, this week was the multicultural show at my school. That required me as leadership to stay back and help out during dress rehearsal and the day of. I have an idea of what I'm performing for the multicultural show next year. A girl named Nile inspired me a lot. I will probably work with her hopefully. The turn out was pretty amazing. I have pictures of THAT, which are coming up soon. Probably in its own little post. 

This marking period is the 3rd marking period. So I defiantly want to get my grades super high. I will work extremely hard. 85 and UP for every class. I could do it if I put my mind to it. 

I hope you guys had a great week as I did, Have a Happy Friday!!

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