Shaking Bones..

I have been horribly sick all day. Though my hands are still shaking as I type, I feel the need to blog since I haven't written anything in a few days. - All day I have gone through illness - I'm not sure what is wrong with me.. It went from allergies to sickness. My body is shaking all the time, stuffy nose, sore throat, moments of lost breath, so many pulls on the inhaler today, Stomach aches and light headed at moments. At points I couldn't even look up. Nevertheless, I refuse to let it get the best of me for now. I stayed at school till 8:30, rehearsing for the musical. I wont let it down. Hell week is almost through- The show is THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY! Super PUMPED. We have been working hard!

I hope your heads are clear and are having a good Monday
Love you guys :)


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  2. You don't even know I already bookmarked this blog website in my Chrome ;)


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