Cardozo Presents: Hairspray the Musical

These are only a few out of the hundreds I have seen. May 9th and 10th were the most happiest days of my life. Having take part in this - the standing ovation - the cheers- the responsive crowd. Everything was amazing. Its the amount of rehearsals, the hours of work we put in, the late nights we stayed in and sacrifices we made to make this show amazing. ♥ The theater has become my second home. Its where i go to release all my emotions. I knew quitting basketball for the arts would be a good idea. I ♥ the arts. I love Theater.
Note; The tears are truly just hitting me. Ugh crying now. I'm looking over the pictures and videos I have taken of you guys for the past 2 months and the ones you took it upon yourselves to camwhore it up lol - At first I told my self I wouldn't do musical next year because I had to give up everything else to be "on board" (like what Maradyan would say. ) but I'm so glad that I did. I loved being here everyday after school. I met some really cool people and the feeling that I had both nights of performances - it can't ever be replaced. Toast to the musical years to come, and to the amazing people that are leaving this year, ugh I can't imagine the musical without you. Everyone was perfect for the parts they got - personality and perfection wise. And extra thanks to Stage Crew and Dayle making Maradyan's vision come alive. This was the perfect way to truly end the year for me, I will remain happy forever. Thank you Goldman and Maradyan for dealing with my absences and not giving up on me. I'm so glad I got to take part. I will remember the curse words, fight nights, the group huddles, the anger and frustration, the building of the sets, the late nights, the car rides home, learning music, ugh even those damn hairspray books. I will miss you all, thank you for becoming my 2nd family. ❤

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  1. Your part was amazing... Killed the whole show !!

    -Big J


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