Its weird. The days that I am not busy, I don't blog. I need to get myself together! The weather today was just perfect for one of my black maxi dresses and a black tee. I went raiding through my closet in realization that I need a new wardrobe or some new essentials. With my birthday coming up on the 28th, I hope I can stock up for the summer! Im in longing of new shoes, high waist everything, and thrifted items. Oy. We celebrated my friend Layah's birthday yesterday actually. I surprised her with red velvet cake from a pastry shop named "Sweet Treats" in the area. I'm glad that she was very well surprising. 
Random thought: I suddenly have a craving for pizza, doritoes and white cheddar pop corners. 
Random Post:
  • Chips: Popcorners, Pretzel Chips Brand 
  • Junk: Red Velvet Cake Slice, Egg bagel with olive cream cheese, Cecilian pizza slices
  • Other: Houses with lots of sunlight and open space-wood/brick centered theme, Big glasses, Fresh Camera Lenses, Freckles, Floral Head Crowns, Collar Tips, big Chains, Drop Crotch Sweats, Frilly Socks, Bright Dyed Hair, Dreads - not just on biased dark skin OR Jamaican people, Facial piercings/ cultural accents, 
  • Patterns: Cat Tapestry, Tie Dye, Floral Tapestry, Holographic, Leaf Print, and Velvet 
  • Drink: Pomegranate Vitamin Water, Arnold Palmer Arizona, and Peppermint Tea, 
  • Pleasure: Making Lists, Taking Manual Focus Shots of Nature, Sketching under natural light 
  • Artists: Fun, Jaden Smith, Random low key artists/"coverers"
I learned how to make lipstick today, - My own little experiment - What do you think of my own personal shade called Elorablue"? :) 

Have a good Wednesday Folks, 

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