Another day of me styling Abraham. I swear, men's Fashion really pull me though, I find it a major inspiration. Towards the outfit, Practically everything vintage except for the Timberland Boots.

Post: About Annie Bercy - The Minor 

Full Name: Edelyne Annie Bercy
Date of Birth: May 28th, 1997 - Currently 16 years old
Height: 5'0 (FINALLY!)

What are your favorite foods? :
Pepperoni Pizza, Cream Cheese Egg Bagels, Waffle French Fries, Alfredo Pasta with Bacon bits, Cheeseburgers, and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. (I swear i'm so unhealthy)

What are your least favorite foods?
Bananas, and pretty much anything with fruit and bread together (Pie, fruit cakes, ) - I just don't believe that fruit and dough should mix. Or soft and hard like fruit smoothies and Fruit yogurts with the huge fruits in it - YUCK.

What are your Pet Peeves?
Sharing Ice cream, Cereal, spoons, and fruits (Anything you can suck on - Just I cant .  Pun intended)
The WORD - moist, plump, and ointment

Where is your family from?
My mother and father are from Haiti

What are you favorite songs or sound? 
I listen to such a wide range of music I couldn't pick just a few! I'm making a spotify pretty soon so Ill keep you all posted there! Favorite sound is the sound of rain.

What are your goals for the future? 
To truly expand on myself and my blog. And go to a college to major in Visual Communications, Interior Design, and Music Performance/Production while minoring in Public Relations and Photography. I want to raise public attention with the music from my voice through the media and get my name out there. I also want to travel to at least 7 different places on the globe. TRY ALL THE FOOD. Last off, I want to continually inspire other people to express themselves and be individual.

Role Model? 
My mother and Will Smith. I know there are a heck of a lot more but I love when people want something and they go after it successfully. I love people that love life - breathe life through their actions and take in everything to appreciation.

What makes you happy? 
So much, Lawd - Blogging and reading all of my readers lovely comments, singing, writing, making lists and feeling organized, redesigning my room, Taking pictures of other people, getting my new shit in the mail cause God knows the last time I have been shopping. I love the sounds of laughter, being surrounded by friends and family, watching old movies or shoes, reading a climax of a good book, and completing a sketch.

What frustrates you?
Mentally slow people/absent minded people. I CANNOT and WILL NOT converse with them - well, for long anyway. People who think it's their way or no way. Being accused, blamed, or yelled at for no reason, when thots shop at the same stores I do, when people are manipulative and crave attention, and worst of all when people cant think for themselves and copy everyone else.

What made you call yourself or your style, MINOR.
Personally I started to resent the word hipster and start to hate the word fashion. Honestly, Pretty soon I am going to change the name of my blog pretty soon. Anyone can have fashion. Fashion is written all over the magazine and everyone copies whats in trend and goes with it. Fashion are constant recycled fads. But style is much more than that. Style is what YOU as your own SELF design it to be. You want it. You go for it. its your own way or manner of expressing yourself.

Favorite things to wear right now?
Plaid Flannels, Big crop swearers, Herringbone Chains, Sports Bras, High waist everything, Jerseys, Sweatpants and lots of layers,

Anything new coming from a MINOR? 

And speaking of which, I thought I'd might share these with you. I think its super interesting !

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  1. aww you and your boyfriend are so adorable! what a cute height difference too :)


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