Reasons Why I love October.

My health message project. 

Layers Layers and MORE LAYERS. I was never a fan of coats. I love and embrace it all. And the atmosphere, the oranges and the reds - its so BEAUTIFUL and ECCENTRIC. Yesterday, I attended my school's college night. Lawd, it was amazing and was hands on, I got to preview so many different colleges that I actually found interest to and finally picked my double majors - basically what I want to do with my life. Felt Amazing. Sorry that I missed yesterday's outfit in full, Ill manage to get a shot of it by Friday, PROMISE!

Vintage NY Yankees Jersey
Second Hand Velvet Tank 
Vintage Jeans 
Nike Uptowns 

Jets DIY Crop Sweater 
American Apparel High Waist Jeans 
Nike Uptowns 

Yesterday, I styled my boyfriend, Abe. 
He's Wearing: 
Vintage Polo American Flag Sweater 
Old Jeans 
Timberland Boots
Camouflage Jacket 


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