Honestly I stopped dressing up on Saturdays. Ever since I dyed my hair green, I liked keeping my modesty for church more simple than most while I focusing on my new street tomboyish girly looks for school. It feels better being simple than trying too hard to stand out. This week I lost my camera in my pillows of my bed so I didn't get too many outfit posts LOL. I gotchu guys but honestly my daily posts will be more filled up in November. Friday was my school's pep rally. It was very fun and spirit filled!  I sang the National Anthem.

Me singing the National Anthem 

Pep Rally 

Right about now I'm listening to Miley Cyrus' new album while cleaning my house. You guys should definitely check it out - I'm iffy about it so far. I dig "FU", "Someone Else", "Maybe Youre Right" and "Do My Thang"
What do you think?

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