Regular Happy Days

Abe and I looking as if we just walked out of heaven in all white, Haha 

If you follow my blog on BlogLovin, Im sorry that you have been seeing my post traffic (posts two at a time or more). I have been trying to blog more frequently, and I always remind myself to document everything in my life more often and I simply forget to. Ahhh I just been so busy lately with school work and such!
I should let you guys know whats been up with ya MINOR over here,

I'm currently in completing the project of the my new blog, which will be dropping in January 2014. I just want to rid myself of my domain and blogspot and get more professional with this, as well as open my blog up to a broader audience without deleting this one. You know I have to keep the memories and progress on how my style changed.

Lately I have been tired as hell, trying to balance my after school life yet again, along with homework, social life, and sleeping schedule. Getting home around 7:00 - 10:00, I crash, I sleep, I complain but then again, I remind myself that I know that I work better under pressure and that I shouldn't put myself down cause it just wastes time. I'm aiming for 85 and up in all of my classes because I'm really thinking of my colleges since Junior Year is such an important one.  Even so, I'm starting to look into working on the portfolios and requirements due for the colleges I want to apply for next year. Basically a head start. The thought of college is actually really exciting for me. I cant wait to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people and do new things, even if it means leaving my life behind. So all of my goals start now and my the steps towards my new life i guess, haha starts now.
I'm living before I lived! Love it.

Btw tip for you, that really helps me get by
Take your big problems and break them down into little fragments. Don't focus on the things that you cant control. Fix, work and focus the things that you can.

And waking up to these old classic songs have really helped my mornings and put me in a better mood lately.
Happy Days Theme Song 

Wouldn't it be Nice - Beach Boys 

It's not Unusual - Tom Jones 

Well tonight I have lots of homework, so I cannot talk too much on my life today, I hope you guys had a good Tuesday!


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  1. You bring so much personality and spark to your photos, I love it!!! You two look adorable as well. All the best for your future plans!!!! xxx


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