Let Some Drops Now Fall On Me...

H&M Hunter Green Blazer
Macy's Black Dress
Necessary Clothing Heels <3 

Another Saturday goes by. This one I actually really enjoyed. As we mastered the song Even Me, I really felt it. That feeling doesn't come too often. Either way, we had a concert to get to, We performed. Though our mood was killed due to lack of AV assistance and low mics, I still feel like we did a good job... Members of my church came and supported us. That is the thing I love, the constant togetherness. It made me appreciate my church even more. Most people go to church and go home. Barley talk to anyone, just sleep and then go home. No, us we stay the whole day. Not just in church, but we all hang out, and have a good time. Overall, we love each other and we support each other. It isn't broken up into sections or groups, we are one big happy family. I am so appreciative of my church. I have had the most long lasting friendships and the greatest times there. They have influenced me to be in a good crowd, to present myself in such a manner. I am very grateful.

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