Good Intentions, Bad Decisions

I had a great day with both my school and church friends. The weather finally lifted my spirits for Spring as I felt a warm and gentle breeze cross the horizon. Church service, as well as the praise summit I, along with the praise team attended today all went swell. Afterwards I went to my friend's Josalyn's Sweet Sixteen. It was pretty cool. I'm glad I could partake in it. My problem is, while seeing an ex there, wanting to regain, i don't know, SOMETHING, I went and did something dumb that I take back with all my might right now. In response, I got a shove back after some time. Yeesh. How dumb was that move?
I may be ranting, and you are probably confused, I'm just trying my best to move on and I keep falling backwards by doing retarded things. I seriously need help with my "moving on" issues.

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