Mind The Minored Rant.

My blog is a not as serious diary from a girl that spends most of her life in fashion, thinking about everything and anything but has to snap back to reality. It all started in my 2nd year of high school, it was a Sunday and I was extremely bored at 6 in the morning. Over the summer I found a pile of fashion blogs and fell in love with so many. So I decided to create my own.  Not only because I love fashion but because I love to write and inspire people to become the best they could be. I am a creator. An artist. A realist. An optimist. A student. A daughter. An imaginer. A lover. I simply am. Biggest dream? To attend FIDM, major in design, work and study fashion as well as interior design in New York and California and make something of my life despite of where I came from. But for now, my blog is where I share little bits of my life, my interests, and my mission to accomplish my dreams. The blog are moments seized in time. Laughing, crying, walking, talking. Turning "ing" to "ed". Moments seized in time. Moments to look back on. To remember. Caught within the palm of my hands, held in my camera.This is my arena to create anything. Writing, to me develops a connection with my self and with others- a stronger, more sensual and personal one. There's no way i can hide my moods behind the words i type.

Eclectic Expression
I love the expression of one’s self, and one’s interests. I love the variety of art in the different forms it carries. I feel that people are expressing themselves less and less. Society has become so closed up that people decide to all be the same. My advice is to be a rebel. Be the one wearing red while everyone is wearing tan. Do YOU. Because you’re no one else but you and you shouldn't die a carbon copy.

Goal: Stay Inspired
I love being inspired. I feel that most of my inspiration comes from the simple things in life rather than the modern technology that the world has to offer. I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to "inspiration" I am inspired my school supplies - pens, pencils, paper, - those are the fundamentals of your creativity. The smell of the new paper when you are about to write or draw on it, and the different smell it has, when you are finished with it. I love charcoal and concentration art. I love the Yin Yang symbol and definition. It represents, the good in the bad, and the bad in the good. Two forces together make up the universe. I love the art and meaning of Hinduism. I love slow gospel songs that represent or mean so much. Especially when the instrument stops and you can hear the deafening harmonious sounds of the choir. I love the sculptures of past Greek goddesses. I love bagel shops, cups of coffee, stacks of good books and sweaters, the season of autumn, where the leaves die and turn colors, spring where leaves sprout up and have new life, old jazz and love songs, walking down the laundry aisle of the supermarket, seeing stands of fresh eccentric produce, reading fashion blogs, and viewing other successful men and women and what they have accomplished in their lives.  My inspirations also include California Palm trees, old fashioned cars from the 60's, the bold colors of the carnivals/festivals/fairs. Speaking of colors, I love the imagery of nature - leaves, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. I love sights of postal mailboxes, traffic lights, and walk signs. Fashion from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's inspire me A LOT and impact my style now. I love the shows and channels from the early 2000's and 90's and beyond, and old movies such as Disney classics or Grease or Breakfast Club. I feel like the old times were better. I love thrift stores. I started shopping at thrift stores way before it became popular. (lol, so proud to say that) I love dark shaded lipsticks, the smell of mowed lawns, grunge, daisies, sunflowers, Egyptian art, pyramids, songs with a sweet piano medley  city landscape, and high socks. My goal in life is to be inspired and be great enough to inspire other people.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I told myself that I would try to be more involved in school. As the months progressed, I can't say that I haven't done exactly what I set out to do. This year, I got super involved in Cardozo High School. I joined the Leadership class, allowing me to be in every single Cardozo event - tried out and got into the cheerleading team, participated in the Oh Snap Show, Talent Show, Hairspray the Musical, and became director of the school’s fashion show. Yes, it was hard to manage my extracurricular activities and my school and social life, but I managed to do just so and I am thankful that I went for it. I met a lot of people and expanded more of my interests.
Next year, I plan to join the Verdict, photography club, start my own fashion club and run for Vice President. I seriously love being involved. People that say they hate school or that school is boring - it all ties into NOT doing anything in school. There's no point of wasting 4 years without activities to get you motivated. I’m glad that I accomplished my goal this year. I hope its even better next year!

Little Body, Tremendous Voice
People tell me this all the time. They are surprised that such a small girl can sing so loud and passionately or write poetry so deep. I love the look on people’s eyes when they see that they have misjudged/misunderstood/underestimated me. It really is awesome feeling and everyone is blown away yet satisfied. Im grateful for my tremendous voice.

I love capturing moments and seizing life and the world in ways no one has ever looked at it before.  I started taking pictures on my blackberry. I desperately wanted a DLSR camera, which I called back then - a “big fat black camera.” After saving up and finally getting my first DSLR. I have expanded my photography interests by taking pictures for the school as well as starting a business taking pictures of others. Absolutely love photography.

Quality Of Life
I really miss how things used to be. People nowadays move so fast, they never stop to look at the world around them. It is going only get worse. We live in a wasteful world - a greedy world. No one knows the value of everything. Everyone is getting lazier and doing less for themselves and each other. It truly sucks and I am just a bystander. I was reading the book “ Fahrenheit 451” and it made me realize, wow. When was the last time I just laid back and watched the clouds or smelled the grass or even climb something. These may be childish things but sometimes its good to look back on these childhood things a moment or two a day and realize the quality of life. We say we miss the 90’s or 80’s and so forth but no one is truly making an effort to make change or erase what we have become. It’s sad.

My religion is 7th Day Adventist. I feel like I have been slacking on it though. Though I do go to church every Saturday and participate in the events, I haven't been following the other rules such as not eating certain foods or respecting the sabbath day (resting on Friday nights- as in not participating in worldly activities, just opening the sabbath). I really do want to get focused. Because I don't like when people cause me to doubt my faith. I HAVE been doubting my faith. I am pretty sure that a big reason is due to my lack of following protocol and not building a connection with God. I want to rebuild mines and respect my faith just a bit more.

I love being original. I love self expression. I express myself though my style. From the weird printed shirts, high waisted jeans, fur vests, platforms, and holographic material, I love standing out. Its not just about buying designer clothing. No. YOUR style is what you make of it. There is a new era in fashion. There are no rules. Its all about the individual and personal style. Whether if she wants to wear high or low end clothing or mix it all up. My style derives from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, various online sites, and many different flea markets and thrift shops. The best way to stand out is mixing up old and new prints.

Thrift Store
The absolute best place ever. You go in without a plan, You buy things not knowing the origin. Its the best place to be original and find something that is YOU and not anyone else. I was shopping at thrift stores long before it became the hype this year. I love the little things I find here because I know that no one else has it and it encourages my style a whole bunch.

One of my favorite words. “Urban” It allows me to think of now and my future. Only the happy parts of it though. Buying a loft out in Soho or Westbury, NY. Hanging christmas ornaments on the trees and gazing at the lights. Sipping on coffee/iced caramel lattes as I read the comics. I think of white comfy bed sheets and reading books in cozy knits and high socks. Going to small restaurants with loved ones and walking around the parks. Typing poems and sketching at Barnes and Noble and simply living peacefully. The word Urban represents the life I both have and dream of having.

The Various Essences of Friendship
This year was challenging for me. I lost my only best friend and a few other “friends” because of it. I was at my lowest. I went through a “Fuck Everyone” phase. But 2 specific people came to me when I was at my lowest. First, is known now as my best friend Zipporah. She helped me bounce back. She got me out of the ditched hole I was in. She didn't judge me, she made me laugh, we hung out more and more, realized our similar interests, and it has been the greatest time ever since. A couple months later, I got in touch with an old friend named Jaysen. He became one of the brothers and lovers I never had- As wrong as that sounds. I’m not necessarily afraid of my feelings, Its just weird for me to actually like someone. Its me- moving on and saying fuck you to the past. I’ve been a ditch for so long that I have gotten so comfortable. I have made a bed in it and a preferred snack practically. So when he pulled me out, I was hesitant but I was thankful. Do you get my analogy? Haha - He’s easy to talk to and fits the criteria of my male best friend as well as a boyfriend. I truly love what we have become. I am a fond believer of, “Everything happens for a reason.” Without the ending of a past friendship, my eyes wouldn't have opened and I wouldn't have realized that it is time to break free from the clique I have trapped myself with and there are OTHER people out there who are amazing and even better.

Despite the slack I have been slaving myself to, I am so glad I got chosen to be in Mrs. EJ’s creative writing class this year. I have experienced weird topics to ponder and write creatively on. It has expanded my imagination and inspired me to open my mind a bit more. I have been critiqued on and corrected - now I know what I need to do while presenting. I have heard the amazing pieces of both the Classmates and Mrs. EJ herself and truly have moved me to write. I got out of my writers block and now I write freely. Through this class I also found out my style of writing. I love the use of metaphors and symbolic meanings. I got to perform at the school’s Oh Snap Show because this class moved me to write a piece. Overall, I’m thankful that I was put into Mrs. EJ’s class this year.

X Over Bullying
Back when I was in seventh grade, I was bullied. Severely. I don't think seventh grade was anyone’s greatest year as you realize growing up - or maybe its just me. I had just moved back to New York right after I turned eleven. My family moved around a lot so couldn't hold sturdy friendships. I thought this was just one more year in one school so I just tried to go along with the flow. Coming in to a middle school, I tried to fit in. I permed my hair, threw some lipgloss on and stocked up on aero shirts. (Back when Aero was horribly cool) That didn't stop the torments. People took my kindness for weakness and that is what i was. Weak. While trying to fit in, a girl spat food on me, fought me, bullied my hair, made fun of me, stole my things, tormented me every single day. I hated going to school but I kept looking for the best. I didn't even consider that I was being bullied. Because I desperately wanted her friendship. In middle school there was a hierarchy. And the friends I wanted to hang out with basically sucked up to her. It was a hard year, but through it I learned how to be independent, how to stand up for myself, and how to be different. Fitting in will only bring you down. I performed “Feelin Good” for the schools anti bullying awareness assembly this year. I felt like I was giving back. Saying something to the world. I stand for anti bullying and I hope it rapidly dies down.

Yummy. Food.
Food. My passion. My long lost love. I am indulged in the various tastes of food. I weigh 103 pounds. Honestly I don't understand how a person can eat so much and nothing is impacted on her weight. I’ll give it a few years to catch up on me. I dream of traveling the world and eating the many different foods the world has to offer. Every cheesy, salty, fried, healthy, green, and tasty dish that is out there. I am in love with food.

Zealous for Visual and Performing Art
I was always the creative child of the family. From making Doritos handbags at the age of 3 or hanging stuff all over my room, buying stacks and stacks of construction paper and making things, always setting trends or finding something different - Oh yes, I have always been the creative child. And those memories are just the first 10 years of my life. I realized my passion. I love Art. Art comes in many different forms. I love visual art as well as performing art. I love singing, acting, modeling, and dance - as well as photography, design, fashion, sketching/drawing/painting, photo and video editing and writing. These are all different forms of expressions and I am a expressionist.

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  1. You are soo Fab! Its amazing how deep your mind goes. I love you ( that said in a pure and innocent way)



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