Plague me with your Intellect.

It is about time I got to wear these bad boys. I hadn't worn them since I bought them and was waiting for the right time and weather. Completely Satisfied with this purchase. Those shoes were simply comfortable.
Another Saturday, comes another church day. Service went pretty well. I loved the energy we gave the crowd as well as the involvement and vibe we got back from them. Since the connection doesn't happen too often, I enjoy every second of it. I could tell the Holy Spirit was in the atmosphere so I gave stronger praise.
On other hands, my praise team leader Myreto preached today. Though he constantly deviated from the topic, it inspired me to start reading my bible more often. You never know what you will get into, or who you will end up following so it is good to stay focused on your priorities in life and in God. It will get you through.

Random Thought: I enjoy watching people smile or laugh and seeing their smiles slowly fade away afterwards. I find it amusing for some reason.

I love the smell of incense in the morning. My mom hangs them around the house and I get a good vibe from it. I don't know what it is.

Also, while in class, my history teacher talked of Pol Pot and his stream of massacres. Over 6 million people (men, women, children and babies) were killed/buried alive/ hung/ burnt, etc. A display of bones and skulls were shown. And I got kind of uneasy. I think of all of these people and their different lives. What they wanted to do or goals they had. I think of all I want to do in life, and just realize that one day I am just going to die. All of the straight A's I pushed myself to get, all of the clubs I got into, the college that I got into just so so bad, etc, then boom. Dead. What was the point of slaving your ass night and day? What is the point of  striving and doing so much if when you die, people forget you and move on? I think of the issue with South Korea, Un's missiles are pointed. What if he is serious and he blows this nuclear bomb and we go into nuclear war. Billions will be killed and it will just go into the history books just like every other event. Are we just going to become history? Something for kids to read and say, "Oh damn." I dont think suicidal thoughts nor am I scared of this Korea issue but sometimes I just wonder, What is the point.

Then I shake my head from the topic and say to myself, "Annie. You are going to make it in life. Hopefully Jesus comes back before you die. lol"

Mind my ranting, Have a happy Saturday!

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