Watch Your Turn Go, Right Out the Window.

This week was surely an interesting one. From the hassle of musical practice everyday and actually keeping up with homework - it worked out successfully. The biggest downer of my week, My leadership teacher told me I couldn't run for secretary this year due to a bad recommendation from a teacher and needing to learn how to balance things out. I was truly devastated that day. I wanted to do this so bad - I planned for it, and boom. Dreams crushed. So I will have to wait for next year sadly. I have made my pro list on that though. You cant always think negative about things or be pessimistic on life. So that list pretty much uprooted my spirit. I can plan more and have a better, more clear space both in my head and schedule next year. Its crazy how there is only 2 more years left and then boom, straight to college. Time really flies.
Musical practice went very successfully today. We finished choreographing two dances which is AMAZING.
I hope your Friday was fantastic!

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