Uniquely Common.

After speaking with my coach, I worked out how exactly was I going to work everything out - on a modest level that wouldn't drive me crazy. All cheer practices will be recorded for me, I will go to musical practice everyday and fashion show rehearsal once a week for an hour between musical practice. Sounds like a plan. With that, I can fit homework and practicing stunting with sister's friend, who is a professional. The first fashion show practice went pretty well! The theme this year is "Decades." I cant wait to choose outfits for the show. Still drafting. 

Also, some friends and I are starting a you tube singing group. I'm very excited for that. After musical, we all practiced the opening of our first cover which sounded pretty amazing. Even my theater teacher said he would sponsor us. I hope it goes somewhere. When it comes out I need your support! 

My question is, what do you do when your friend stopped going to most of her classes for practically a month? What do you do when she picks on smoking weed almost every day? Getting detention? How to pull her from the wrong crowd? I'm dealing with that situation right now. It went from trying to help her, to stopping and backing off. I don't know what to do anymore. I haven't truly talked to her in a month and some friends are keeping their distance from her. Another friend of hers is being a bad influence on her and it sucks. I went to the deans office to get a recommendation and saw her name hung up  under ALERT. I tried to help and now I'm distancing as well. A lot of people I know are getting more involved in the school and trying to go to all classes and she just isn't. And I don't know what to do with her anymore. What would you do to help a person as so? 

Motivational Thought: This morning while on the bus to my school,  saw a fire truck stop blaring siren sounds, drove in, and parked in its station. Heavily dressed firemen then got out of the truck smiling, slapping high fives and dancing while taking off their gear. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen before. The joy on their faces spread to my soul. It hit my heart HARD. The simple feeling of achievement  accomplishment when you finish a hard task or even save someone's life! Firemen get this feeling most of the time and its absolutely wonderful. I know they strive for that feeling with everything they do in their job. It's so motivational. 

Random Poetry Lines/Stanzas I'm working on:

Plague me with Your Intellect.

The girl who fed her ego and starved her soul. 

I want to be adorned rather the sanity of my mourn.

We seek to kill the hummingbird when all it does is sing its heart out to us. 

My heart became my anchor and I don't know how to carry it 
The Titanic of my mind drops and rapidly its sinking me
My head is Ferris wheeling each cart carrying a burden
The circle remains synonymous, This poem is simply dizziness 

So I'm inspired by the corruption, as I am walking on rebellion. 
While pressured by society and brainwashed by the media 

I have counted on to misbehave
This makeup covers my disgrace 
But you took my brush away 
And surely you will pay for the smudging of  my face 

I hope you are all having a good Friday! Happy Sabbath! 

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