Smell of Kerosene

My day was long and enjoyable.
I was interviewed onto why i wanted to run for secretary. I think the interview went pretty swell. Both the interview and the application counts for your eligibility to run for anything. It will be announced tomorrow during my leadership class so I pray to God everything goes well. I really want to run this campaign and win as well. A guy stopped me today, asking me if I can video shoot and edit his video saying money had no limit. GREAT. I can make money out of this. Its good to carry this camera around! haha,

After my last class, I went straight to musical where I did homework, drafted my campaign speech as well as partaking in the rehearsal as well. It went pretty smoothly.

I'm starting to read a book in my class titled Fahrenheit 451. So far I love the book so much. I love the author's style of writing. He uses so many metaphors (which I'm deeply in love with) as well as compares our society to the past (which I constantly write about in my journal entries.) His writing is like.. Sex, on paper. My fingers touching the cold pages ever so gently, running them up and down the deep shapes and shades of the letters and words that go on and on... You guys need to check it out.

Another good thing that happened today- I walked by the guy I used to talk to. I realized that all feelings for him was gone. If you look at my previous posts, You would see that I used to write about a guy named Joseph. It took me more than 2 months to get over him, But hey.. I finally did it and it never felt so amazing. I'm moving forward. For those who are trying to rid themselves of missing someone, trust me, Though it takes time, it eventually happens and you are going to be proud of yourself -even through your minor slipups- you finally got over it and moved on to better people. Trust me. Its mood changing. You get a new heart and out look on life. You can do this.

I hope you had a great Tuesday!

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