Another Weekend.

Also has been a while since i posted.
Lately this week has been filled with all nighters, crazy late nights and tired days. I was overdosed with homework, suffering from a lack of sleep or no sleep at all. It sucks really. My up point of my week though, is that I got EVERYTHING done on Thursday night at an early time - 8:30. I was ecstatic on how early I finished. I went to bed by 10 , had a great sleep and went to bed early. The next day, Friday, I had three tests. Chemistry, Global History, and Geometry. Overall, i think i did a good job. I was looking forward to the weekend. 

Besides that, I got into Oh Snap. I knew i was going to get in either way, because I'm taking a class that produces it at the end of the year, but I said my piece  My teacher was very proud of me. This was the first time I didn't get negative feedback. Shocker. But its great. My piece started as a narrative. But it was so emotional, filled with everything that was actually going on in my life and I couldn't bear to finish it. So through each problem - each point that was made in my narrative. I summed it up into a stanza in my poem- My rap. The feedback was great. I'm proud that my voice was heard - My feelings, my emotions were out there. And people loved it - Loved me for me. 

I reorganized my bedroom. I feel that it was too jampacked. Too much things in too little places. So i finally hooked up that american flag up and simply cleared out space. About time. It looks more grown. 

Friday afternoon , I went to Soho with my friend Mitchell. Its actually the first time we hung out after school - actually going some where besides Springfield or my house. I'm proud of us. Shoot. Throughout the train ride, we jammed to Azealia Banks. 

We checked out Urban Outfitters and TopShop along with other stores. I saw the creepers that i wanted... Oy. One day... I went to Necessary Clothing, Got me some shoes. Its crazy because although i brought my spiked flats for $25 they are selling them now for 10 BUCKS. 
I have to go back and get my leggings. Velvet, Leather and skeleton print. I'm satisfied with my purchase though. I got a good amount of shoes. 

This morning i went to church. I wore a dress I got from the flea market. But it was enhances. I cut and snip there and added a piece or two. Wala! It came out nicely. Although it wasn't finished, I was anxious to get er done. I wore my new black booties with it with white stockings. Got the job done. 
I got to my recital late, played one song (by accident - I was supposed to play two) This time i felt much better. Even before hand, I wasn't as nervous as i was last week. 
I want to work on my piano life. This week of late nights or up all nights really got to me... I don't want to keep doing that. Plus, I barely practiced... Once again, i need to work on how I do things. I notice I continually procrastinate. My mom always pushes me to be the best i can be. But am i pushing myself?
Im not. 
NOTE TO SELF. - WORK ON MANAGING TIME - Balance my piano work, homework, and extracurricular actives. I know i can do it. 

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