1 -I am 4'11 1/2 

2 -I am the youngest of my family. But since my family does foster care to others, i get different chances to be an older sister. 

3 -I have two sisters (Age 16 and 22) who are around the same size as i am, (height, clothing, shoes ,etc.)

4 -I am Haitian. No mix. 

5 -I love sweaty hands. My hands barely generate sweat so i love people with sweaty hands.

6 -When i eat a meal by myself, i watch my favorite old 90's cartoons. Not even on the tv, i dead search it up. No shame

7 - I hate when black people act extremely ghetto for no reason. And just do things for no reason just because they are black. Before we come out, we are judged because we're black. WE are the ones to either act loud and ghetto like our stereotypes OR to make something of ourselves. 

8 -I have asthma

9 -I play piano, i want to learn guitar

10 -I hate ignorant people. I have no problem standing up for what's right. 

11 -I listen to a wide genre of music. From dubstep to rap to twerkin music to R&B

12 - I am in love with FASHION. 

13 - I am an understanding person. I'm not the type to judge you until you do something wrong to ME. But i usually hold grudges for long. I forgive but i don't forget. I will be there to listen and give advice.

14 -I love FOOD. I am ALWAYS hungry and ALWAYS eating. 

15 -I was severely bullied in 7th grade because I was Haitian and didn't know how to hold my own ground. It did A LOT to how i view people. Since then i don't let people take advantage of me.

16 -I am NOT a fake person. I keep it 100 

17 -I absolutely love cleaning. I clean out my emotions. When i'm happy, sad, mad, etc - I just clean. I just love organization. Though i live with a slob. (Sub) But. I WILL bust up in yo house and start cleaning. 

18- I hate when people call me bony, twigish, stick - Basically an exaggeration of skinny. I have seen people that are far worse than my family and I. There was a point where i was anorexic and i improved greatly. So to be compared to my past? Dub. 

19- I smile more than the average number of times people smile a day. 

20- I am a Christian / 7th day Adventist. I go to church every Saturday. And i have no problem with it . I love it. 

21- I tend to bottle things in. To hold an image. To not pester people when they are having a good time. 

22- I LOVE reading. Shoot. 

23- I am a very random person. 

24- Even though i shop at a lot of stores, i love shopping on ebay, at thrift stores and flea markets. More for yo money and its more original. Shoot. BE DIFFERENT.

25- I love writing. I write all the time. I sketch as well. 

26- I have 3 dogs. Biscuit, Charlie, and Prince. 

27- I don't just take pictures of myself 24/7. I love photography in general. I like taking shots of nature, scenes, food, people and moments in action. People smiling and laughing. I want everyone to look back at these moments and smile. 

28- I love when people are different. They don't blend in with the crowd. They stand out . With their own swag. (Listening to 2 Chainz at the moment "I'M DIFFERENT !")

29- I watch 90's shows every night. 

30- I don't have a specific favorite colors. My top 7 are royal blue, navy blue, burgundy, tan, forest/ hunter green, mint, and black

31- I sing 

32- I don't specifically have trust issues, but it takes me a while to trust people. Especially if they broke trust previously. 

33- I want to make something of my life. I have long term goals and i don't want to be just someone else that died. 

34- I like being involved in my environment. (Leadership, Clubs, events)

35- I hate when girls physically hurt guy on purpose or boil them up so bad and ask why they were hit back. 


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