My Weekend.

I haven't posted in a while! Even Google made me sign back in rather than already being on my account! Haha. I just hadn't had time to do it in my busy weekend filled with sleeping horribly late and waking up dreadfully early. This weekend was an actual fun weekend rather than my usual regular weekends. I'll sum each day up.

That was actually the skirt from the uniform dress i picked up at the thrift store! It fitted perfectly, i didn't even have to bobby pin the sides, lol
Here's a tip. Need extra warmth? Rather than just simply wearing socks, Wear a pair of long gloves on top. The gloves without the part for your fingers. It looks cute and sock like and it keeps your feet much warmer.
I looked around this morning and saw small piles of snow every where. Hurricane Sandy really did something with this weather. Its crazy.
Overall, today was a good day. I presented a rap i wrote the night before in place of my dramatic narrative. I preformed it for Open Mic. It went really well and my timing was perfect. I actually had more energy today. Surprisingly.
The night before, i slept around 4:30 in the morning. Why? You might ask? Homework. I was behind in some of my classes and i needed to get it done. On Friday, I handed in all homework that needed to be done. I was relieved. Though i was late to school, due to a late homework night, I got everything done the night before. And that felt great.

As soon as I got home, i started getting ready for my friend Tara's Sweet Sixteen.

MAC Media Lipstick
MAC eyeliner 
Great Lash Mascara, Very Black 
ELF eyeshadow 

Khaki revealing dress from Soho Shops 
Red Wedges from GoJane 

It was actually really fun. My friends and I, took a coach bus that she provided. It took about 45 minutes. We arrived at Chateau Briand. It was a beautiful place. My aunt had her reception there a couple years ago. At first we all went to the upstairs room. There was a father daughter dance, Constant shots of ourselves at the photo booth (Hey, it was free!) food, performances, catering, and dancing the night away. That is what I call a decent party. It has me thinking of my sweet sixteen. 

The Next Day

I always wanted to take a picture like this. I saw the idea on tumblr and set out to get er done. Lol 

Off guard shot of me checking if anyone was going down the alley way. 
Turtle Neck Sweater 
Handmade Skirt 
Burgundy Socks
Brown Oxfords

Saturday was a slow day. I had a recital at a church named Jerusalem in Brooklyn. (Ironic, Haha) The nerves were killing me ! I messed up only once but it turned out to be good. No one noticed so that was a breath of relief  Afterwards, me and some church friends went for a bite at a BBQ place not too far. After the recital was over, My mom drove me, my sister, Isaac and Rebecca to my friend Samuel's house for a get together. It was pretty cool. They served "Friti" and cake. Perfect Mix. We spent an hour talking and playing dominoes while listening to Just Dance. (not playing it, just listening - We're just lazy)

The Next Day, 

I woke up at 7 to go to the flea Market with my mom. This time, i found a lot of cool things there. I actually sat there and thought. "What would i wear this with? Do i actually need this
My best purchases;

American Flag (Wanted for FOREVER!)

These tribal pullovers

Green oxford Shoes (My size, thank goodness)
Velvet Blazer

Its fun to go because everything is at an awesome price.

Later on, my sister and I went to the city to support Samuel on his birthday. We went to Applebees and  saw Taken 2 at AMC theater.

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