Oh goodness, can you believe its November already? I sure cant. Yesterday I walked around and took in the fresh air. I can never expect the weather here in New York. After the hurricane its been more chilly than usual. Today, was a chilly type of day.
Yesterday, i decided to work on a dress and make it new again. It was an old Victorian style dress that my mom used to force me to wear. I simply cut off the sleeves and tailored the bottom of the dress to make it much shorter. It turned out to be a great success!
As i prowled around Brooklyn, I continued to see the after math of Hurricane Sandy. Hope you all are having a great week and Happy Saturday! I am safe and sound from the storm and I hope and pray that  families are recovering and forming solutions - the ones who got hit hard by Sandy. New York is still a mess and I can't wait til all of us get completely past the damage from the storm. Remember you can always donate to those affected through the Red Cross, churches, and some colleges such as Brooklyn College. 

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