Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart...

They are absolutely hilarious. 

I was feeling really Patriotic so I got most people to take a picture in front of my American Flag. 

A Very Happy Thanksgiving from me to you! I really do have so much to be thankful for this year- my family, friends, church, school and you, my readers. To those celebrating, I hope you eat lots of turkey and pie and spend the day with loved ones. Although i wasn't really in the festive mood,I was very fortunate enough to spend it with my family and dear friends. Together we made lovely pastries. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 

This is one of the most different Thanksgiving I have had in a while, We went to the city to go see the Thanksgiving parade. (Very cool - Up close rather than on the tv screen) Afterwards, we went strolling around the city. We stopped by a friend's house then got back to my place.

The night was filled with dancing around, incredible laughter, pastry making, food fitting on the table, it was simply amazing. I like having company on Thanksgiving. Usually its just my family and I. 

I had a good time today. 
Have a happy Thursday! 

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